Diamonds Found In Drain

For most people out there, diamonds are one of the most valuable items that they own. Whether it is a wedding ring or a pair of earrings, no one wants to end up losing them. However, accidents do end up happening.

Take this incredible story of a woman who accidently threw her pair of diamond rings valued at over $10,000 into the toilet and flushed them away. She eventually talked to the local sewer crew, who said that the chances of them finding the pair of rings was very slim. The crew used their jet truck, cleared out the sewer line, and set up a trap. While one of the crew members was down in the manhole and looking through the debris, he ended up miraculously finding the pair of rings and was able to return them to their rightful owner.

Paris Sewer Drain Contains $25 Million in Jewels

While discovering diamonds within a sewer drain is rare, people do still end up discovering them. When that happens, the payout can be huge. Early last year, reports surfaced detailing the accounts of how French police discovered $25 million worth of jewelry in a sewer pipe in Seine-Saint-Denis, which is right near Paris.

The Associated Press reported that 3 pairs of earrings and 19 rings were discovered. One single set of earrings within the discovery was worth around $19.5 million. Where did the expensive items come from? As it turns out, they were stolen way back in 2008 from Harry Winston, a luxurious jewelry boutique.

Police noted that the jewelry was discovered as part of a concrete block that was fitted within a drain pipe. The block was broken open and all of the jewelry came out. No new suspects are being investigated, as all criminals related to the crime were arrested and tried back in 2009 for their relation to the robbery.

Will Future Diamond Discoveries Still Be As Valuable?

Although the discovery of diamonds is always an exciting occurrence because of their value, experts claim that the value of diamonds may soon be going down in the future. Reports out of Russia say that a gigantic 158.2 carat diamond was discovered by a mining company. The value of this single diamond is worth over $1 million. The problem, experts say, is that this diamond was discovered in an old asteroid crater, which may hold trillions of carats that are able to supply the diamond market for the next 3,000 years. Russia has supposedly known about this large crater since the 1970’s and has been using it to help control prices within the market.

Only time will tell how much that diamond someone discovers in a sewer drain is worth in the next few years, so be sure to get a proper drain cleaning regularly. With the recent news of this large crater, diamonds may turn out to be worth much less that people may like in the future.

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