2C-I Designer Drug Claims Two Teenage Lives in North Dakota

2C-I Drug

There has been a deadly trend of drugs taking the lives of teens and young adults here in the United States, and now another new drug surfacing called 2C-I better known as “Smiles” concerns for stopping this trend steadily increases.  Do you recall the sickening case of a man literally chewing off the face of another man in Florida? Or the college student that killed his roommate while eating parts of his body in the process?

It was led to believe that these men had taken “Bath Salts” a drug that makes an individual paranoid, delusional and/or hallucination. This new drug Smiles appears to have the same effects as bath salts do including fatal endings to individual lives.

A 17 year old boy named Elijah Stai from Grand Forks, ND was recently found dead on the side of a street in Grand Forks. Police officers mentioned in a police report that witnesses saw the boy shaking, growling, and foaming at the mouth before he started to smash his head against the concert ground. Witnesses also described Elijah as being possessed and vicious, he reportedly died two hours later according to Yahoo.

Elijah’s death came only 24 hours after another teenager died of what police believe was the same drug. Although the name does not sound dangerous at all, this is a very powerful and dangerous drug that needs to go away. What makes smiles so deadly is the combination of LSD and MDMA it has in it.  It causes intense hallucination, seizures, kidney failure, extremely high blood pressure and body temperature according to Travelers Today. For some reason the people taking this drug feel the need to record themselves while on the drug and put the video on YouTube, here is just a little portion of what they are saying.

“I looked at my girlfriend’s face for a minute and it was pitch black, then all of a sudden the black started dripping out of her eye.” Anonymous Youtube user said.

This is just one of many individuals going to YouTube to describe that state of insanity they are in when they are on the drug. Why is this drug becoming so popular among teenagers and some young adults? One key reason is because the drug is actually untraceable on drug test, which in effect makes it hard for doctors to treat patients that overdose.

“Synthetic drugs like 2C-I don’t generally show up on drug tests which makes it popular with young adults, military, college athletes, or anyone who gets tested for drugs,” A spokesperson for the Drug Enforcement Agency Barbara Carreno said in a statement.

The deaths and overdoses in North Dakota may just be the start of a nationwide trend.

2C-I Designer Drug Deaths

Deaths from 2C-I aka Smiles

2C-I (Smiles) has been linked to two deaths in East Grand Forks, North Dakota. It also has been implicated in the death of Johnny Lewis, the Sons of Anarchy actor. These topics are discussed. As well, Krystle Cole shares her experience with 2C-I for harm reduction purposes.

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  1. To me leave drugies alone please its there life they want to live or die……i know your trying to help but please don’t you going to make it worst…….i have a husband that love to pop pills and chill and trips its hard living with one he ask for money and that money i give him he gets a lot of pills….so its best to f*** off… and live them alone

  2. grady hernandez | October 31, 2012 at 3:11 am | Reply

    2c-i is NOT MDMA and LSD. It is a chemical first synthesized by Dr. Alexander Shulgin. It is a hallucinogen and at small doses it is not dangerous. Get your facts straight before you put bull s*** like this on the internet.

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