Good News for Windows Hosting! Microsoft Extends their Support on Windows Server 2008

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 is soon to be replaced by Windows Server 2012. Luckily for Windows Server 2008 users, Microsoft has extended support for its Windows hosting. That means that users on Windows Server 2008 do not have to worry about changing over until the middle of 2015. This support will slowly transition to the mainstream support under the Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy.

Good News for Tech Departments
Tech departments no longer have to scramble to upgrade to Windows Server 2012. Not only is upgrading expensive, it is very time consuming. For smaller companies with limited tech support, this extension of support will help give them the time needed to acquire the right software and prepare for transition.

Five Years of Mainstream Support
The announcement from Microsoft means that they will offer a minimum of five years of Mainstream Support on Windows Server 2008. Because Microsoft’s own policy states that they will extend support on past versions for up to two years past product release, they are required to support Windows Server 2008 for a minimum of two years past 2012’s release.

Extended support will run its course until January 2015. Any companies that use this form of Windows hosting should still consider upgrading as soon as possible to ensure that they do not run out of time before their extended support does.

Preview 2012 Today!
The good news is, companies that are already planning on upgrading to Windows Server 2012 can preview the software before they buy. This will help users configure and test the new software with cloud storage as well. Since Windows Server 2012 is fully optimized for cloud storage, users will notice more flexibility and symmetry between web-based applications and desktop applications.

Benefits of Upgrading
The upgrade to Windows Server 2012 offers companies quite, including:

  • More interface choices and freedom to choose the interface you want.
  • A new server manager with multi-server capabilities.
  • An improved Server Message Block protocol to support new file features.
  • Integrated security for all operating systems.
  • Storage pooling and cloud storage integration.
  • A Hyper-V replica for virtualization.
  • Drastic improvements to the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.
  • Quick and simple licensing.

Though change can be difficult, Windows-hosting users are running out of time on support for their 2008 servers. Deals are available for all upgrades, so users are encouraged to take advantage.

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