Must Have Gaming Headphones on the Year

Sound quality is as important as having the best possible GPU along with screen resolution to match for gaming.  Being able to hear a sneaky ninja coming up behind you can mean the difference between getting an extra kill or having to start over at the nearest respawn point.  To get the most out of your gaming experience you need a good pair of headphones that can provide in-depth sound quality that matters.  Users who want the WOW! Factor can expect that from these 3 high-end phones to help ensure you can keep face-rolling noobs like the Energizer Bunny on a carrot binge.  The price of high end headphones has dipped significantly over the last few years to give people more options in finding the perfect fit.

Under $150 Headphone

The Sennheiser HD555 is a durable, light weight (9.2 ounces), highly popular pair of headphones due to its comfortable design.  This allows users to forget they’re even wearing headphones at times to focus on more important tasks such as the ever important kill to death ratio.  The HD555’s also boast an eloquent home theater style of sound that can rival the best top dollar home speakers on today’s market.  If that wasn’t enough to entice you, the HD555’s provide an encore with an ideal 10 foot cord to reduce the possibility of damage when a rival team curb stomps you into rage logging.

Under $100 Headphone

Able Planet Lost Cauze Active Noise Canceling Gaming Headphones (Say that three times fast) offers the best under $100 budget headphones on the market.  As the name implies, they are in fact noise cancelling headphones with full-sized ear cups to provide top-notch sound quality.  Not to mention they come with a detachable cord to eliminate the risk of damage by giving users the option of wireless AAA battery operation.  Able Planet also throws in a traveling case with an extra 6 foot extension cord.  In short, these mid range priced headphones deliver.

Under $50 Headphone

The Zalman ZM-RS6FM is an affordable high-quality pair of headphones that can produce a surround sound field that can equal a multi-channel home theater system.  Zalman designed these to be a comfortable over the ear headphones that provide more than adequate noise isolation combined with great frequency range for the best possible gaming experience. These bad boys even stand-up to the test of time with the average user rating longevity of up to 3 years before noticeable wear takes place. This helps the Zalman ZM-R6FM stand-out in games by having 3 speakers on each ear for optimum hearing performance to improve timing and accuracy during gaming.

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