Nature’s Sleep Expands Memory Foam Mattresses Customization

As a typical consumer, you might assume that memory foam mattresses are pretty much all alike. They could be different shapes and sizes, but at least the basic construct of memory foam is always going to be the same. However, that doesn’t mean that some companies can’t get creative within those boundaries, and Florida-based company Nature’s Sleep is taking certain aspects to a new level.

Of primary interest is the new memory foam topper that they recently released as a product. It has reversible-two layer construction, and the way that it is manufactured means that laying the mat down one way will effectively make it a cooler or warmer sleeping experience. That’s really quite a brilliant concept!

So basically, for a seasonal change in what you feel is a comfortable sleeping temperature, all you have to do is flip your mattress topper over and you’re good to go. It is not hard to imagine some other company expanding this idea in the future, possibly even to something like having that same reversible strategy, but also allowing two different sides of the topper to flip over independently, for couples who share the same bed.

Nature’s Sleep already has quite a few different memory foam products on its website. There are a number of different pillow types, from reversible ones to classic ones to full-body ones, a full range of contour pillows, and they even offer a kind that combines memory foam with a gel beads inside the pillow.

Also listed on its website are a series of specialty pillows, including the memory foam contour travel pillow, and Vitex Memory foam pillow. Although these may seem as though they are variations on a common theme, it’s those variations that can potentially make all the difference, especially when it comes to things like high-quality travel pillows.

Following a string of recent successes in the matter of practicality, the company is planning on expanding the availability of new designs in the future as well in its product range, for people who are looking for new colors, shapes, and textures.

For more information about Nature’s Sleep, their products, and some good night’s sleep tips, check out their website and check out the information and links that they have available.

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