Luxury Spa Hotels for Dogs: Pooch Pampering Gone Mad!

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Introducing D Pet Hotels

Has your pet canine recently declared that it is feeling down in the dumps? That it needs some pampering in order to alleviate some of the stresses of life? Probably not, but if you think your dog deserves a little tender loving care than you might wish to book it a break at a D Pet Hotel, the flagship of which is located in Hollywood (New York and Scottsdale branches are to open soon).

You may be wondering how the D pet Hotel (the ‘D’ stands for distinguished, by the way) experience – which promises “pure elegance and comfort” for pups – differs to a stay at a standard kennel. Well, for a charge exceeding $200 per overnight stay, you dog can enjoy the following…

  • A private modern day, fully decorated luxury suite;
  • A full size double bed;
  • A 42” inch flat screen television;
  • A ‘chauf-fur’ (groan!) collection and drop off service and the
  • PANT Dog Gym (yes that is another doggie pun).

The dog-only hotel also comprises a boutique shop selling high-end food and accessory items for pooches, in addition to a spa and grooming centre. In this spa, your dog can enjoy a ‘paw-di-cure’ (groan again!), deep cleanse bath followed by a massage, a haircut, a thermal body wrap and even a tooth whitening session!

It should be noted that extra fees do apply for some of these services.

Do Pets Deserve Pampering as much as Humans?

As someone who can barely afford to stump up the cash for cheap spa days in London for myself, I find it ridiculous that someone would pay so much for their pooch to stay at the D Pet Hotel.  Then again, I am not a famous and wealthy resident of Hollywood; clearly the target customer (think Paris Hilton types with more money – and handbag-sized puppies – than sense).

I have to question whether a dog would even appreciate the gift of a D Hotel stay. My own Jack Russell  Snoopy would no doubt miss me should I leave him overnight in a regular kennel, but he’d probably stop pining once he realised that he is not going to go hungry and he has somewhere comfortable to sleep (and by that, I don’t mean a human-sized bed!) But then, Snoopy is used to the comparatively humble environment of my bungalow, and meals of tinned food (unlike celebrity dogs that would turn their nose up at any dish less than steamed rice topped with grilled chicken breast!)

This hotel is not about the four-legged guests at all in reality. Rather, it is about making the owners of the dogs which stay there feel reassured about their high status and excessive wealth.

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