Labor Day Sales in 2012 Reveal Weekend Deals To Save Money

The end of summer is officially on September 21st, 2012 but for many in the United States they start to celebrate it on Labor Day weekend. Whether it’s going to the lake, firing up the grill one last time or seeing a movie it’s a celebration that includes a day off of work on Monday. Along with the parties there are the big sales that retailers roll out to get people shopping during their time off work.

This year is no different and Labor Day Sales are in full force for 2012 giving last minute deals to bargain hungry shoppers. There are usually three types of Labor Day sales events that consumers go to and the categories are typically Appliances, Electronics and Clothing. To try and make it simple for you, we’ll tell you about the deals on Labor Day in that order.

Appliance Sales

For those that are exciting to get good sale prices on appliances the first big retailers having a sales event are Lowes and Home Depot. Lowe’s home improvement store is calling their sale items, “Labor Day Limited-Time Values” and lists most of them on their website. The Lowe’s special ends on 9/4/2012 and for specifically appliances you’ll see markdowns from 10% – 25% on all major appliances like refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers and more. Other things like grills, pressure washers, charcoal, cordless combo drills and other household accessories.

Home Depot is calling their sale the, “Extra Day of Doing Labor Day Savings” which doesn’t list the ending date of the sale. Appliances get free delivery & haul away with 10% off prices. Carpet at Home Depot is getting a Labor Day 24 month special financing this year and paint at good discounts too. Another popular item that is getting a big markdown is laminate flooring that looks like it’s about 40% off. For the more adventurous and luxurious shoppers things like Jet Spa hot tubs are marked down right next to the Propane gas grills. The other big competitor to Home Depot and Lowe’s seems to be Sears and they’re really pulling out all the stops this year too.

Electronics Sales

You get the point though, home improvement and appliances are a big deal for those honey-do lists and Labor Day seems to be one of the perfect weekends to do it. One of the biggest activities during labor day is watching sports with College Football, High School Football & big name teams like Penn State, Iowa Hawkeyes and Notre Dame playing. Stores like Best Buy are taking advantage of that by offering big deals on electronics like LED TVs, Plasmas & even smartphones. The Best Buy Labor Day sale is from Friday to Monday. The appliance sale at Best Buy is 10%-25% off and is listed with an end date of 9/8/2012.

Clothing Sales

That brings us to the other category of shopping for all the Labor Day deal hunters, clothing. Retailers like Macy’s has all kinds of markdowns from 10%, 15%, 25% off of clearance items and free shipping. Even items like Bed & Bath & Kitchen Electronics are getting good prices for people out at the stores this weekend. American Eagle Outfitters is giving customers 30% plus free shipping until 9/3/2012. Kohl’s is having a big weekend sale that ends on Saturday so you’ll need to get out there soon to get those deals on denim, skinny jeggings and all other types of clothing.

If you’re grilling out and you wanted to get some deals, it might be smart for you to head out there and try and swoop in now before the sales events are over. While some end today, most will go all the way until Monday night. Most of America will be getting sunshine as the weather clears up and the sun comes out, so don’t forget to spend some time with the family in the sunshine. Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day Weekend: Time for Sales

Tory Johnson tells us where to find all the bargains this holiday weekend.

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