Who is Kelly Ripa’s New Co-Host? Announcement Came Early; Michael Strahan will Co-Host ‘Live! With Kelly’

Kelly Ripa Co Host

Since Regis Philbin retired in November 2011, the search was on to find a co-host for Kelly Ripa’s show ‘Live! With Kelly.” The year-long search involved auditioning 59 celebrities to see who would be the best fit for the position. Over time, it seemed the frontrunners that would acquire the job included Strahan, Nick Lachey and Jerry O’ Connell. Recently, Ripa had said that her dream co-host would have been Anderson Cooper; however, being involved already in two different shows would most likely not make it possible.

About a week ago, it was rumored that the gig would go to Strahan but nothing was confirmed, only that an announcement would be made in September on who the new co-host would be.

September came early for everyone; including the new co-host, when it was made official that the new co-host for Live! With Kelly is indeed Michael Strahan.

Strahan was asked many times if he knew he had the job locked up but kept denying any such knowledge. When he got the news, he was away on vacation in Jamaica with his fiancée Nicole Murphy. The two were enjoying their time together while it lasted as Michael will soon have to join his co-hosts on “Fox NFL Sunday.”

The pre-season is winding down quickly, so Strahan will join again in the studio Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson and Howie Long. Though he had said it would not be an issue if he got the job flying back and forth to be in both shows, it will be interesting to see if Michael experiences any type of jet lag. It is one thing to have to do one show a week in L.A. and then have the rest of the week to do whatever you want to.

Now, he will fly to NY and do the show ‘Live! With Kelly,’ fly out to L.A. for the weekend to do the show ‘Fox NFL Sunday,’ and then back to NY for his weekly show. If he can get past whatever fatigue he may experience through the transition from Sunday to Monday, he will do fine. Being that his whole football career was based on adapting and adjusting to change, Michael Strahan should be the co-host for ‘Live! With Kelly’ for a long time.

Kelly Ripa Co Host Announcement

Rumor has it Michael Strahan is Kelly Ripa’s new co-host on “Live with Kelly!”

Kelly Ripa’s New Co-Host Revealed

Live With Kelly and Michael Strahan. You better get used to it because it is being reported that the NFLer will become her permanent co host on the morning syndicated talk show. Kelly will officially announce her new co host on September 4th.

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10 Comments on "Who is Kelly Ripa’s New Co-Host? Announcement Came Early; Michael Strahan will Co-Host ‘Live! With Kelly’"

  1. Terrible decision | September 3, 2012 at 10:58 pm | Reply

    Hate this choice. Ever since I heard this news I have been praying it was not true, although I feel sure it is. Will not watch any longer. So sad be use I loved this show.

  2. Love Michael Strahan!!! My top choice!! He and Kelly have a great rapport!!

  3. Show is not the same seem since Regis left. He had so much wit and charm. Kelly is flat and with this co-host ( who doesn’t seem to be the sharpest knife in the drawer) sure cancellation on the horizon. Ick!

  4. While I like Michael Stranhan on the football show, there is no chemistrybetween him & Kelly. Was hoping for Seth Myers

  5. Great Choice!!!..not a hughe fan of Kelly however I did tune in a few weeks ago and Strahan was the co -host, he was really funny and seemed comfortable with Kelly. I would watch the show just to see him…..besides one reason I did not watch was there was no diversity same ole same ole (boring) year after year but now I may tune in more…..maybe Strahan can shake things up…Kelly is too silly and really seeme self absorbed and if I half to hear one more story about her kids or her husband …uggg….everybody does not find her stories amusing she is too over the top and really turns some viewers off……maybe Phiman can work on that

  6. What a HUGE disappointment. There were so many others more suitable. I will not be watching any more.

  7. Barbara Plumez | August 31, 2012 at 1:40 pm | Reply

    I am thrilled after Anderson Cooper and Neil Patrick Harris and of course Regis, Kelly seemed the most at ease with the charming Michael he is funny and very at home on the set. I hope we get the old Kelly back instead of the often over the top Kelly of late.

  8. Sad to hear ths news. He was not my favorite. I have been DVRing the show since Regis left, and now I will delete. Was really hoping for Seth Myers.

  9. He’s awful! Of all the co-hosts, I liked him least!

  10. good freaking luck | August 30, 2012 at 8:39 am | Reply

    perfect!!! hes just the right person.. i was quite hoping he’d get the job

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