Hurricane Isaac Pictures From People In The Storm [pics & video]

Hurricane Isaac Downgraded to Tropical Storm

As Louisiana tightens down the hatches and tries to wait out the powerful Hurricane strength storm Isaac, people share pictures from all around the web. This time around social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Twitpic & Facebook are allowing people to share real-time Hurricane Isaac pictures that rival what the typical news can show.

The Hurricane Isaac storm has actually recently been downgraded to a tropical storm which is good news for the intensity that was expected. While the storm won’t be continuing hurricane force winds it will still be strong and causing massive flooding for cities like New Orleans. The USA Today said that, “Flooding in hard-hit Plaquemines Parish, about 10 miles southeast of New Orleans, forced authorities to announce they would purposely puncture an 18-mile levee there to relieve the strain, though there was no word on when.”

The Tropical Storm Isaac started to lose some of it’s power on Wednesday September 29th, 2012 but keeping up the strength of wind speed around 60mph.

The photo below was shared from a shot from NASA’s TRMM and Terra satellites operated by NOAA. The photo shows the massive spinning eye as it approached the shoreline of Louisiana. The Republican National Convention carried on with no problems due to Tropical Storm winds as it stayed to the West of the activities.

Hurricane Isaac From Space

Another photo from Hurricane Central run by The Weather Channel shows Isaac in action. The Tweet says MT @noaasatellites: Hurricane #Isaac from GOES-East Satellite.


A Tweet from Melissa Harris-Perry @MHarrisPerry said: “Feeling sad. #Isaac too the home @JamesHPerry and I just bought. All safe. House was vacant except fro my dreams.” Melissa then shared the following picture of a crushing example of Isaac’s power as it ripped their house into shreds and put wood all the way in the street. Many people responded with their condolences, which you can do the same by letting @MHarrisPerry know that we’re all praying for the people facing tragic losses like this.

Tropical Storm Isaac Damage

There are some good news pictures hitting places like Twitter too about the Tropical Storm Isaac like rescue missions to save animals facing flooding that they can’t deal with. In the picture below you can see a State Trooper rescuing a baby fawn trapped in the storm. Mr. Johnny Kelly @stormchaser4850 tweeted out: “Picture: State troopers in Madisonville, LA rescued a fawn from rising floodwater #Isaac.”

Isaac Animals Being Rescued

Flooding was showing it’s ugly self in the LA area as it started to approach the tops of roofs. One city, Braithwaite was starting to see the Isaac floodwaters breach the top of the roofs of houses. Lolo Jones tweeted out on @lolojones: “RT @alastormspotter: Water nearing rooftops in Braithwaite, LA. Via WWL-TV. #isaac #lawx.” You can see a boat taking a ride in between houses in this area as well.

Isaac Flood Waters Rising

Isaac and the sound and sight of the force of it’s winds

“W New Orleans” Hotel

NASA Sees Hurricane Isaac Affecting the Northern Gulf Coast

NASA and NOAA satellites= provide detailed information on Hurricane Isaac as it bears down on the U.S. Gulf coast. NASA’s TRMM and Terra satellites captured imagery, and NOAA’s GOES-13 satellite provided animations of Isaac’s march toward the coast.

Isaac’s influence, Panama City Beach, Florida

Anyone familiar with the ‘surf’ on the Gulf of Mexico will recognize this is a storm surf.

I’ve witnessed more powerful surf at this location. But, not often.

This location is about 225 miles from the storm center.

Isaac Downgraded to Tropical Storm; Levees Holding

Houses underwater as storm dumps 20 inches of rain on Louisiana.

Louisiana National Guard Airmen help rescue citizens

Airmen from the Louisiana National Guardsmen help rescue citizens from Braithwaite in Plaquemines Parish during Hurricane Isaac, Aug. 29, 2012.

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