2016 Movie Obama’s America: More Theatres to Show Documentary this Friday

Obama's America 2016

There have been several documentary movies over the years that have made a surprising hit in the box office and gained popularity in the process. While being in the heart of the presidential election there is one interesting documentary that has actually been out for a few months that may have some type of impact on who voters will choose to be our next president of the United States. The documentary film “2016: Obama’s America” has literally came out of nowhere, to now making some serious money in the box office, and stirring up a lot of intellectual conversations among Americans.

The film has a powerful catch phrase “Love him or hate him, but you don’t know him”, the documentary takes viewers on an emotional visual journey into the most powerful man in America and takes a look at whether Obama’s past will untimely redefine the culture of America over the next four years if he is reelected.

Filmmaker Gerald R. Molen, who produced smashing successful films such as Jurassic Park, Twister, and Minority Report, teamed up with fellow filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza author of New York bestseller The Roots of Obama’s Rage to make this documentary. They mentioned the purpose of this film was to make viewers think and cheer as they discover the mysteries and answers to their greatest aspirations and worst fears.

The hour and thirty minute film has only been available at a little over 1,000 theaters in the U.S., however, with a big box office weekend which saw the film bring in $6.2 million this past weekend, they are expanding the film to close to 2,000 theaters now, according to Yahoo.  The $10.3 million total that the film has made over its seven week span currently ranks it as the most successful conservative political documentary of all time.

“It’s like the sophomore on the varsity squad who comes out and plays better than the seniors but they still lose the game, it’s still impressive,” Keith Simanton, managing editor of IMDb said in a statement to the Washington Post.

You can currently find the film in theaters in Nashville, Baton Rouge, Denver, Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, and the D.C. area. Other states that will soon show the film in selected theatres include New York, San Francisco, Boston, Portland, and Austin, TX.

With the popularity of the film growing across the nation, do you think this film will have an impact on voters come November for election time?

Obama’s America 2016

Obama Has a Dream A dream From His Father, That the Sin of colonialism be set Right & America Be Down size!
America has A Dream from our Founding Father that together We must perfect Liberty & America must Grow So liberty Grow!
Which Liberty Will we carry into 2016.

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