Azodicarbonamide Bread Linked to Cancer

Bromide Free Bread

One of the main foods that are consumed around the world is bread. One example would be Egypt, a country that is dependent on producing wheat as well as buying from other countries to feed their population of 80 million people. The United States supplies wheat to other countries around the world and some countries add Bromide to the flour of bread. The U.S. sells bread containing this additive as well as Azodicarbonamide, which is another form of Bromide. The problem is that many people are not aware of how many forms of bread contain these additives as well as it is essential to stay away from it.

It seems that the Bromilated vegetable oils in bread that end up causing obesity. In the food industry, it is used as a food additive, an improving agent and as a flour bleaching agent. As it combines with flour, it acts like a hydrogen acceptor and is completely and quickly converted into urea; which is stable during the baking process. It is through the wetting of the dough that a reaction occurs.

The additive is produced within the United States, India, Korea and China as well as possibly other places around the world. Many feel it is important to read the packaging label and avoid consuming food and beverages, the additive is also found in beer, containing Bromide and Azodicarbonamide. Others have supposedly banned the food additive, such as Australia and Europe, and supposedly in Singapore, using azodicarbonamide can result in a fine of $450,000 and up to 15 years imprisonment.

One of the health concerns about the additive is the link to obesity. Alarmingly, the U.S. has not deemed Azodicarbonamide to be harmful despite the banning in some countries around the world. The Health and Safety Executive, in the U.K., has identified the additive as a respiratory sensitizer, a possible cause of asthma. They also determined that any products containing this should have the label “May cause sensitization by inhalation.” Wonderbread, for example, is a popular brand that has ADA (Azodicarbonamide) on its’ label but the U.S.

FDA says it isn’t being used. This should put up red flags as there is speculation that besides the health issues already mentioned, it can cause brain disorders, cancer and more. Even more of a concern is ADA is used in many fast food places such as Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts and sadly Subway. Though it is said that MacDonalds and KFC avoids the additive, best way to obtain a healthy mind and body is to avoid fast food. An article on Advent of Deception called “Read Your Bread Labels and Avoid Bromilated Breads,” shows the ingredients to the Wheat and Italian bread used by Subway and both use ADA.

Azodicarbonamide Bread

It’s used to make plastics and rubber and it’s in many of our bread products especially Fast Food breads!

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    The effects of exposure to azodicarbonamide in humans have not
    been fully evaluated. There are no data detailing the effects of
    single exposures by any route. The most frequently reported effects of
    repeated exposure to azodicarbonamide are respiratory symptoms as well
    as, to a lesser extent, skin sensitization reactions. There are no
    reports relating to the potential for azodicarbonamide to produce
    other systemic adverse effects. The potential genotoxic, carcinogenic,
    and reproductive effects of azodicarbonamide in exposed humans have not been reported/studied.


  2. Sorry to inject real science fact here but a “bromide” contains bromine. ADA does NOT so it’s not a bromide. As a matter of fact, ADA was introduced in the 60s as a safe alternative to brominated flour. If you read actual studies tests with rats consuming ADA show no ill health effects and the asthma connection is only for workers who work in an ADA plant for long periods without proper protection. This whole thing is BS by additive warriors who see danger everywhere when none actually exists.

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