Kelly Ripa’s Co-Host Annoucement on September 4: Michael Strahan Leaked

Kelly Ripa Co Host Michael Strahan

One of the biggest problems professional athletes have when they retire is what to do next. Some have decided to stay out of the public’s eyes while others choose to continue to be seen.

Michael Strahan, the former defensive end for the New York Giants, decided to become a sports analyst and appears regularly on “Fox NFL Sunday.” Though many would consider that to be enough, Michael pursued other avenues to appear on television such as Spike’s TV’s “Pros vs. Joes.” He has also appeared on several episodes as the co-host on Live with Kelly Ripa.

Now, as it appears that Strahan has made the transition successfully from a star of football to television, rumors have it that his journey will continue as the permanent co-host on the daytime talk show “Live!”

Michael, who is a seven-time Pro Bowler and a Super Bowl champion, is expected to appear on the talk show permanently and that ABC will make the announcement in early September, according to Broadcasting & Cable. Since the departure of the original talk show host, Regis Philbin, in last November, Strahan has made several appearances on the daytime talk show in last November, Strahan has made several appearances on the daytime talk show as Kelly’s co-host.

This is not the first time he has been on television and began his transition before making appearances on the talk show. Being a seven-time Pro-Bowler and a Super Bowl Champion, he retired in 2001 and immediately became a presence on television. He starred in many commercials such as Right Guard, Subway, Dr. Pepper, Snickers and others. Though he starred in the Fox sitcom “Brothers,” it turned out to be short-lived but is currently a host on “Fox NFL Sunday.”

There was talk that the job could go to “SNL” star Seth Meyers while Strahan and Josh Groban were look in; however, Meyers quickly put an end to that gossip. The word is that Michael has no plan to leave his job on Fox’s “NFL Sunday” if he gets the job with Kelly Ripa. Many say he has the personality and chemistry with Kelly Ripa to continue to make the daytime show a success.

Also, Strahan has a different take on what it would be like if he got the job. Back in May, he had a discussion with “Showbiz Tonight” that his view on the opening on “Live!” wasn’t “replacing Regis [Philbin.]” He said that, “If you put it in that aspect, it’s just too big. I just look at it as an opportunity to go on TV and tell stories and have fun and entertain myself and other people, and not look at the big magnitude and scope of it. … I think the show fits my personality.”

Kelly Ripa Co Host

Kelly Ripa has been riding solo since Regis Philbin left the show, but now she finally gets a permanent co host. It seemed like Kelly would just not commit to a Reg replacement, and she had tons of sample co hosts filtering through. They have announced that on Sept. 4, Kelly will walk into the studio with her new partner.

9 Comments on "Kelly Ripa’s Co-Host Annoucement on September 4: Michael Strahan Leaked"

  1. I really enjoyed Joel McHale with Kelly. He is so funny and just offbeat enough to bring new life to the show. He is awesome on The Soup and Community!

  2. I think he’s a great choice! They have AMAZING chemistry. Jerry O’Connell and Josh Grobam would have been awesome too. I DO NOT agree with other commenters about Pat Sajak. She needs someone close to her own age. Sajak is retirement age. And, there was no chemistry.

  3. Ugh….I really enjoyed Josh Groban when he was on, and I can see where Pat Sajak would’ve been good too. I also liked Seth Meyers, but turned the channel when Michael Strahan would come on……good luck to Kelly though

  4. I wish Pat Sajak would have been tapped. A few years ago, when he was a regular sub for Regis, I really enjoyed the shows he co hosted with Kelly, perhaps even more than those with Regis.

  5. I do not think he will be a good cohost all the time. I have enjoyed having different ones on her show. It makes the show more fun not boring by having different cohost..I do not think that she and michael have enough chemistry to make it work all the time.

  6. I did not think he (michael) will be a good cohost all the time. I have enjoyed her having different ones. It makes the show more interesting. I do not think they have good enough chemisrty .

  7. Too bad…I was rooting for Josh Groban!!

    • I also liked Josh Groban. I guess his plate is already full….also Seth Meyers and Anderson Cooper.

  8. I was rooting for Michael. He and Kelly have great chemistry. No one can replace Regis so I understand Kelly’s reluctance to commit to one person. If true, I think she made the right choice.

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