Audi R8 #WantAnR8 Contestants Want Sports Car for Wedding [video]

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Everyone has their dreams when it comes to wedding planning it seems. Typically girls plan their weddings from an early age and have dreams of princess dresses, big diamond earrings & a world of flower petals falling at their feet. For a couple in Overland Park, Kansas their dream for their wedding comes down to an Audi R8 Sports car.

Joel Mackey and Carisa Gaul started gunning for a winning spot in the #WantAnR8 Twitter contest on the last day of the contest. Joel Mackey is known as @webaddict on Twitter and his fiance, Carisa Gaul is known as @CarisaGaul on the social media website. The tweets have been building up and so far there is even a video that was made for the #WantAnR8 Audi contest.

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It definitely started to get comical when the bride to be and the groom were debating who was going to be driving the Audi R8 if they won for their wedding date.

When Joel Mackey Tweeted out:

Carisa Gaul quickly responded that she felt she was being left out and the she’d expect to drive the Audi R8 too:

  Just when you could feel a potential pre-marital fight break out on who would be driving the Audi R8, Joel Mackey thought he’d figured up the perfect bargain for Carisa Gaul by Tweeting she could drive it a couple hours:

Don’t worry though, @Audi on Twitter stepped in to save the day by tweeting:


Once Audi brought up the idea that maybe there should be two Audi R8s at the wedding people jumped on board and started retweeting & joining in on the fun. One of what seems to be Joel Mackey’s friends asked on Twitter to trade his “crappy Toyota” for the Audi R8 sports car.



Audi stepped in once again to save the day when they informed Mr. Mat Owens that his trade was just unacceptable. Dream car for his “crappy Toyota?” This is what @Audi had to say about it:


A tweet from Carisa Gaul’s Instagram account shows the wedding invitation which seem to be the real thing. The back looks like it’s covered in clovers, I guess we’ll see if one of those clovers ends up being a lucky clover for this couple.

Joel Mackey Carisa Gaul Wedding Invitation

Later in the day, Joel Mackey went home for a lunch break with his fiance, Carisa Gaul and they made a video to show off their wedding invitation on YouTube & tell everyone how great an Audi R8 would be. We embedded the video below which shows Carisa & Joel dreaming up how their wedding day on September 8th, 2012 would be with an Audi R8 to ring in the celebration.

Joel @webaddict & Carisa @carisagaul #WantAnR8 from Audi Contest for our wedding day

YouTube Description: We are getting married on September 8th, 2012 and we saw the Audi R8 Contest on Twitter which you can see at Audi proposed on Twitter here: that in order to keep Carisa and I from fighting on our wedding day they could bring up 2 Audi R8s. Will you help us by liking, thumbs uping and sharing this video!? 🙂 Thank you so much.

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Joel and Carisa’s Wedding Page:

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