Nike Lebron 10 Shoes Price at $300; Highest Ever Nike Shoe: Release Date set for 2013

Nike Lebron 10

Shoes can be the key essential to a person’s wardrobe and are always a topic of discussion no matter if you’re rocking classic Jordan’s or staying laid back with some crocs. Shoe styles have certainly changed over time and it appears the prices have jumped up dramatically as well. We can credit this to a wide variety of reasons, but one thing is for sure and that is, shoes are being marketed everywhere. I think it is safe to say that at least one reason why a person buys a pair of shoes is because a celebrity or athlete is either promoting them or wearing them.

LeBron James and Nike have a very successful partnership that has gained both of them some pretty good money. With the new LeBron James 10 set to hit the market, it looks like more money is sure to come. The new LeBron 10’s are set to be the most expensive pair of shoes Nike has ever sold. The shoe will come in two different versions with the cheapest pair costing $180, and the most expensive pair at a cool $300. This shoe is certainly not like anything we have ever seen, you can pay $180 for the regular pair or fork out $300 for the “Deluxe” pair that is said to be embedded with motion sensors.  The built in motion sensors were designed to be able to measure how high an athlete jumps, which seems crazy but at the same time very innovative and unique.

The motion sensors in this shoe had to be going crazy when LeBron laced them up in the Gold medal match of the Olympics against Spain to give people a sneak peek at what will be hitting the market soon.

The release date for the LeBron 10 is floating around late fall to January 2013, whenever the shoe drops it will sure bring Nike fans, and Lebron fans out in droves and long lines we once again become the norm for getting the newest pair of Nike. A little caution though, if you remember when the Lebron 9 came out earlier this year fights occurred outside a handful of shoe stores, and it became somewhat dangerous to be standing in line.

So as the hype builds for the new shoe and history awaits will you be one to go grab yourself a piece of Nike history?

Nike Lebron 10 Shoes

Nike Lebron 10 Shoes White Black.

Nike Lebron 10

LeBron James Nike Commercial – Introducing Nike+ Basketball

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