Melky Cabrera Stats too Good to Be True? 50 Game Suspension and Fake Website

Melky Cabrera Website

When a baseball player starts to put up some very impressive numbers in a single season that nearly doubles their performances from previous years, that eight little word that baseball fans hate to hear, STEROIDS starts to be put into conversations.

On August 15, 2012 the Giants outfielder and this year MLB All-Star game MVP tested positive for a banned substance and got hit with a 50 game suspension with only about 40 games left in the major league baseball season. What is upsetting most people, including his whole team is him not even attempting to deny the allegations of him using a banned substance, but he just came out and stated that he should not have done it.

To make matters even worse, while suspended one of Cabrera’s associates hired a consultant to launch a fake website designed to help Cabrera avoid punishment from his positive drug test. It was reported that the website cost nearly $10,000 and they [Cabrera, his consultant, and associates] tried to advertise a sporting cream that Cabrera would say he used unknowingly that caused him to test positive for a banned substance according to ESPN. Their mindset was to try and trick the MLB and the Players Union to believe that Cabrera digested a banned substance without prior knowledge which resulted in a positive drug test.

The attempt drew the attention of both Major League Baseball and the Food & Drug Administration criminal investigative agent Jeff Novitzky. They conducted a full search of the website and concluded that it was for sure a fake website. Along with this, they also found several fake products including the sporting cream they were trying to sell as the reason for Cabrera’s banned substance usage according to Washington Post

There is an interesting thing that makes this case unique and it lies in the hands of MLB Commissioner Bud Selig. The issue is that currently Cabrera is batting .346 and is only one plate appearance away from qualifying for the batting title. Pittsburgh Pirate outfielder Andrew McCutchen is the leader with a .354 average but if he slips up down the remainder of the season, Cabrera would claim the top spot.

Your thinking how would this be possible? Well according to MLB rules, Cabrera would have hitless at-bats added to his total until he reaches the minimum 502 plate appearances. So in Cabrera’s case, that single at-bat would have no impact on his average.

This is just another case were an All-Star baseball player name and game numbers have become tainted, let’s just hope Cabrera learns from his mistakes.

Melky Launched Fake Website

Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera mounted a campaign to avoid his 50-game suspension that included a fake website featuring a fictitious product in an effort that was quickly uncovered by MLB investigators.

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