Apple Becomes Largest Company in World with Market Share of $623 Billion

Apple Largest Company in World

There are only a handful of companies that can gain worldwide attention while also being able to bring in billions of dollars. The companies that come to mind are the internet search engine power house Google, the tech savvy monster Microsoft, the always productive Exxon Mobile, and the biggest company of all Apple.

Over the last year Exxon mobile was the largest stock in the current marketplace but as of Monday August,21,2012 Apple not only climbed to the top spot in the marketplace but it also made history. When Microsoft boasted a $616 billion market rate in 1999 it had set a record for the biggest market capitalization ever. The record seemed tough to beat and it was as it stood for 13 years until the mega popular company of Apple put up some remarkable numbers this year. After a huge spike in Apple stock on August 21, the numbers where crunched and Apple’s value was $624 billion, making it the biggest and most valued company ever according to NY Times.

To put things into perspective, if you took the market value of Microsoft, Google, and Intel and combined them together Apple would still have a $13 million advantage over them. Most CEO’s are crediting the recent high spike in Apple stock due to the fact that the public is eager and excited about new apple products ready to hit the market like the iPhone 5 set to be release in mid-September. Along with that, there is also the extremely popular line of Apple iPods, iPhones, and iPads that continue to rack in loads of money.

Apple has certainly made a tremendous turn around since the company almost filed for bankruptcy in the mid-1990’s because of lack of products and very low energy innovative people not wanting to push the envelope of technology. As a result they needed to make some successful products, and needed the right people to move the company forward in the right direction, that is when the famously creative Steve Jobs stepped in and changed Apple into the powerhouse it is today.

With the several household name products that Apple has put out, it appears as if the company is actually widening the gap between its competitors. In just over a year Apple has seen its market cap value double from a little over $300 billion to over $600 billion today. Along with this Apple stock is currently at an outstanding 50 percent higher than its second place rival Exxon Mobile, and there is a $200 Billion cap between the two companies according to YAHOO. With a $200 Billion gap between Exxon Mobile Apple has tons of room to be “Creative” and with much anticipated products dropping this year and early next year the cap might grow even bigger.

With Apple being the biggest company in the world the only question now is who can even come close to the technology giant?

Apple becomes most valuable company of all time

Apple has officially become the most valuable company of all time, with a market value of around $623bn

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