Popularity with Baby Boomers Playing Onlines Games has Risen

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Is your Granny bored and wanting some action in her life? If so, you should introduce her to the world of online gaming. Online gaming is growing in popularity among older folks. Over a quarter of gamers online are over the age of 50. With 53% of the senior citizen community being internet capable, gamer growth is really starting to skyrocket. In fact, between 2009 and 2011 senior online users grew 150%!

Boomers on the internet spend more than 100 minutes of their leisure time per week playing video or computer games online. Gail Davis of Chattanooga, TN stated, “I used to be depressed and lonely..social game sites have been a lifesaver for me, so many friends and so much fun!” With that being said, gaming keeps the mind sharp while you are interacting with friends, especially if you are disabled and can’t leave your house. And who doesn’t want to make new friends and have fun?

Zynga, the Grandaddy of internet gaming, has acquired 54 million daily average users. Over 153 million monthly unique users have assisted in the rise for gaming fame for Zynga. It only took 4 years for Zynga to reach $1 billion and they target seniors with familiar and simple user-friendly games. The top 5 Zynga games are: The Ville, Zynga Poker, Bubble Safari, CityVille, and FarmVille.

However, in all the fun of online gaming, make sure Granny isn’t becoming an addict! As you may know, these online games can be quite addicting. There have even been multiple news stories about people neglecting their children or even having physical ailments due to too much online gaming. If you suspect Grandma or Grandpa might be addicted be on the lookout for migraine headaches, backaches, bags under their eyes and sore hands. While Granny has a stronger sense of belonging in gaming reality, be sure sweet Grandma is limiting her time online, because 1 in 5 women have left a husband or boyfriend due to neglect linked to too much gaming.

Gaming with Granny Infographic

Infographic by Assisted Living Today

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