Setback for Kristin Chenoweth Forces her to Leave ‘The Good Wife’

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Picture a group of people together on a stage set, preparing to film an episode for a popular television show. While filming, a sudden blast of wind causes a piece of lighting equipment to fall and strike an actress, causing her to fall and strike her head on the ground. Everyone rushes to her aid as an ambulance is summoned. Once paramedics arrive, they put her carefully on a gurney and load her onto the ambulance; taking her to the hospital to treat her wounds. This might sound like an episode to a television program or a scene from a movie to some; however, for Kristin Chenoweth, this was what really happened to her while filming the season premiere to “The Good Wife.” What is worse, the actress has just announced she will not be able to return to the show due to her injuries.

Prior to July 11th, things were going well for actress Kristin Chenoweth in regards to the show “The Good Wife.” She was getting ready to film the season premiere and anticipated appearing in a multiple-show arc as she was to be cast as a political reporter. When shooting began, no one could have imagined the sequence of events that were about to occur nor the ramifications of it’s’ conclusion. According to a statement to People magazine, they said at the time that “a gust of wind blew a lighting silk out of place striking [Chenoweth].” A source told TMZ that when she fell, she hit her head on the ground. Chenoweth was put on to a gurney strapped in and wearing a neck brace, for safety, and then put onto an ambulance to take her to the nearest hospital. TMZ had pictures of what she looked like as paramedics were taking care of her.

Chenoweth’s Twitter account went silent from that day and fans waited anxiously to her from the singer and actress being that she was an avid user. Finally, on July 24th, her feed showed brief signs of life as she returned with a few messages that included, “Sounds dramatic: but im thankful to be here. I love this life! And am grateful!…I miss the crew and cast of The Good Wife. Love u guys. Xoxo.” Fans were eager to see the actress in the new season but told People magazine in a statement that, “It is with deep regret to inform everyone that due to my injuries, I am unable to return to ‘The Good Wife’ at this time. [I’m] getting better slowly, and thank you everyone for your concern.” She was to appear in several episodes as the character Julianna Margulies, a political reporter determined to find out information pertaining to the business of the Florrick marriage and campaign. Unfortunately, her role has been cut to making an appearance on the premiere only, People reported. On Monday, Chenoweth responded to another Twitter user by saying, “I love the Good Wife and will be back when I can. :)”

Kristin Chenoweth Leaves The Good Wife

Kristin Chenoweth leaves “The Good Wife”

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