Washington, DC to bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics

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With a vibrant and energizing closing ceremony the London Olympic games have officially ended. The world will now be focusing their attention on Brazil, Rio de Janeiro to be exact for the 2016 Olympic Games. Something that may be of interest to Americans is that a bid to host the Olympics in the future is already in the making. Washington, DC will be placing a bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games according to the Washington Post.

“Having gotten as close as we did in this year to host the summer Olympics and seeing what they did in London, I feel we could do this in our area, and it would be great for our region,” Dan Knise President and CEO of the Washington-Baltimore 2012 Regional Coalition said in a statement.

The last time the United States held the summer Olympic Games was 16 years ago in 1996 when Atlanta, GA was the host city. The last time we hosted the winter Olympics were a decade ago when Salt Lake City, UT was the center of attention. So it is not like we don’t have the Olympic experience to pull off another Olympics in the US, the question is Washington, DC really the best place to have the Olympic Games?  Well according to Knise the Washington-Baltimore area will look to team up for a potential Olympic bid.

The process alone to put a bid in for hosting the Olympics is a long, challenging, and expensive road to go down, to get a sense of how expensive it was for the US to put a bid in for the 2008 Olympics (This might make you mad) but the US spent over $10 million in a losing effort to try and host the summer Olympics, New York was the city wanting the bid.

As mentioned the bidding process is a long road as cities hoping to host the Olympics have to start putting their bids in seven years before the actual Olympic Games are considered. For instance the United States has already started the bidding process by which the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will conduct their “Offical” selection process in 2017 to decide who will host the 2024 Summer Olympics. When the voting begins each city claiming a bid will get the chance to impress the IOC with a final time frame of only an hour. During that hour spokesman for the bidding city will present speeches, videos, and celebrity endorsements according to TIME.

When all cities have presented their presentation the 105 member IOC with begin their voting process. The process consist of voters deciding on their city of choice, and if there is not a clear cut favorite that holds majority of the votes, the city with the lowest number of votes is eliminated and the process moves on to another round of voting until one city is declared the winner.

One thing is for sure all of Washington and Baltimore high rank officials are very eager and excited at the possibility of hosting the Olympics

“The Olympics would be just a remarkable opportunity; it’s like three Super Bowls every day for two and a half weeks.” Jim Dinegar, The Greater Washington Board of Trade chief executive said in a statement.

Just looking at the sporting venues around the Washington, DC area along with the overall size, it appears that it could have the ability to host such a worldwide spectacle. Now grant it there would still have to be tremendous work done around the area, but if the area has the time and dedication, along with the money to try and bring the Olympics back to the US, maybe it could happen what do you think?

2024 Olympic Bid Location

Another bid for the Baltimore-Washington region to host the Olympic Games would be a boon for the area. Here’s rooting for 2024.

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