Actor Jean Claude Van Damme admits to Affair after Twenty Years

Jean Claude Van Damme Kylie Minogue

Have you ever heard of the saying “better late than never?” Usually it applies to something a few days, weeks, months or, in some cases; a few years later. For actor Jean Claude Van Damme, he has given new meaning to the expression as after twenty years of silence; he has admitted to have had an affair with actress Kylie Minogue.

The year is 1994 and actor Jean Claude Van Damme was in Thailand shooting scenes for the action flick “Street Fighter.” The actress he said he had the affair with was singer and costar Kylie Minogue. The confession took place as Van Damme was being interviewed for UK’s The Guardian while promoting his new movie The Expendables 2.

Whether he was married at the time or not, he found it extremely difficult to resist her charms. Being 51 years old, he tells The Guardian they should ask her for details as she would have a better memory. “Do you know how much I was punched in the face on ‘The Expendables’?” he told The Guardian. “No, no. No. And let’s just say it happened, so what? Who wants to know?

Interesting enough, Van Damme goes from telling the interviewer to ask Kylie for details about the affair to giving an extremely detailed account of their brief fling. He tells the paper about sweet kisses and beautiful lovemaking going on. He continues to say how unusual it would have been to not have had an affair with her. She was there in front of him every day, always seeing her beautiful smile, her charming ways and not acting like a big star. With that in mind, he decided to show her Thailand through his eyes, being that he knew it so well. Apparently, he knew what he was doing.

For years, rumors circulated that the pair had an affair but no one had spoken out about it until recently. The veteran actor was married to Gladys Portugues, his third wife, until 1992(he remarried her in 1999). He then began an affair with actress Darcy LaPier and in February of 1994, married her. It is unclear whether or not at the time if he was cheating on either of them.

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