What’s using up your Data Plan? Data Plan Comparison

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Nowadays it’s all about the smartphones and tablets. Smartphones allow us to not only make calls, but text our friends and family, surf the web and have access to millions of apps that allow us to play games or seek any information we would like to know. So, whether it’s to play your favorite game, read up on your latest magazine, text a friend or just call and say “hi”, your phone’s data plan is constantly being hit.

So, what actually eats away at your data plan? Downloading the latest movie, uploading photos to your Facebook page, viewing web pages, emailing, app downloading and streaming movies and music all contribute in the use of your data plan. Downloading a high-definition movie can take up to 4.8 gigabytes. But what makes up a gigabyte exactly? A total of 1024 megabytes, 1024 kilobytes and 1024 bytes to be exact. To use up an entire gigabyte, you would have to listen to 28.5 hours of Pandora radio, upload 3050 photos to Facebook or view 5,700 web page views.

Don’t forget about that handy tablet, too. Tablets use a data plan just like your smartphone. Enterprise tablet adoption will also grow by almost 50% per year. As mobility grows, data plans are shrinking. Providers went from unlimited data plans to tiered plans. Enterprise tablet adoption will also grow by almost 50% per year.

Be careful when using your data, because the overage fees will really hurt your wallet. Each mobile carrier charges a different fee for going over on your data; for example, Verizon charges $15 per gigabyte while AT&T only charges $10.

As of today, with 30% of smartphone users accessing social networks via mobile browsers, it’s safe to say data charges are going to be on the rise with the progressive usage of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and etc. Avoid these pesky data overages by taking full advantage of WiFi and demand your employees or family using the same plan to do so as well. Stopping automatic updates of apps while also turning off roaming and push data services can also save you a bundle. So, educate yourself and review those mobile bills before you’re paying an arm and a leg for over usage of data.

What's Eating Up Your Data Plan? [Infographic]
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