Discovery Channel Shark Week 2012 Premiere Kicked off August 12 with ‘Air Jaws Apocalypse’

Shark Week 2012 Premiere

There has not been many programs on T.V. in the past or even in the present that have been on T.V. for  almost three decades, while gaining millions of fans in the process. You know you have a good T.V. program when there is a worldwide anticipation for just one week out of the year that takes in depths look at the powerful vicious creature that is the shark. Yes it is that time of the year again where you can tune into the discovery channel to learn, observe and marvel the nature of various different kinds of sharks and an interesting view into sharks lifestyle and mindset.

This week long dedication to sharks started back in 1987 when the discovery channel wanted to give their audience something to look forward to during the summer time. Producers decided to bring a different and unique perspective of sharks to the viewers by mixing documentary drama-style narration, heart-stopping footage and educational content that has since become a high ranked program for the Discovery channel. Now entering its 23rd season shark week has become the most watched cable show, along with the longest running cable program on television acaccording to TIME.

It seems that the most watch program on cable continues to increase its popularity over the years. Ever since 1995 this entertaining program has gained over 20 million viewers worldwide, with their biggest year being in 2008 when they had 30 million viewers.

“I had a good feeling the show would do well, and it became very popular right out of the gate,” Clark Bunting, Discovery Channel’s president and general manager said in a statement.

This year shark week officially kicked off Sunday night August 12, 2012 with “Air Jaws Apocalypse”. The episode took viewers on a trip to Seal Island in South Africa where filmmaker Jeff Kurr gave viewers an inside look at the great white shark. The Island itself is known for its vase white shark population and provided Kurr to capture some remarkable video and pictures. Something that makes the sea Island special that Kurr examined was that it was the only place where giant white sharks actually showed their full aerial assault when trolling for prey.  There were dangerous times for the crew while doing the footage but thankfully no one got hurt.

There were several interesting tools used by the crew, which there will be many more as the week rolls along, but for this episode they used what is called the Shark Spy camera that gave viewers extra close ups of these massive animals.

Monday August 13 the program will take a look at the dominating Megalodon, which is the largest shark to ever swim in the ocean. The shark week team will look to reconstruct this mighty animal that at one time was reported to be 60 feet long and weighed at least 100,000 pounds. Tuesday August 14 the program will take a more informative approach to the great white shark and show a film that explains how the movie “Jaws” impacted the way we view science forever. On Wednesday August 15 the program will let shark attack survivors get a chance to tell their breath taking stories as well as voicing their opinion about saving the sharks that occupy our oceans. Thursday August 16 features the tracking of the great white shark by Stanford Marine biologist, as they look to explain why California is one of the biggest stops on the Great White Highway.

Make sure to tune in through Thursday of this week to catch this popular program, each show will air at 9 p.m. On the Discovery Channel with different special editions airing an hour later.

The Nightmarish Megalodon | Sharkzilla — Shark Week 2012

Premiere of Shark Week 2012 Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tiger Shark Throwdown | Shark Fight — Shark Week 2012

Mike Coots finds himself surfing in the wrong place at the wrong time when he comes face-to-face with an overly aggressive Tiger shark. “Shark Fight” is part of the Shark Week 25th Anniversary lineup.

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