Chad Johnson Arrested for Domestic Violence with Wife; Released from Jail, but Dolphins Contract in Jeopardy

Chad Johnson Arrested

Chad Johnson, formerly known as Chad Ochocinco, has been known to be in the media spotlight when possible. When Chad changed his name several weeks ago from Ochocinco back to Johnson, he had said he did it at the request of his wife and to go back to the days when he played better football. Now with his new team, the Miami Dolphins, Johnson is in the spotlight again but for the wrong reasons.

The veteran wide receiver was released from jail on Sunday, a day after being charged with domestic violence. The charge stems from his wife who accused him of head-butting her while they were arguing. He was released from a Florida jail on a $2,500 bond.

When Johnson’s defense attorney, Adam Swickle, was contacted, he said Johnson was the one who posted his bail on Sunday morning. Also, he said that Johnson will not be able to contact his wife because a no-contact order has been issued which prevents him from contacting her. Orders such as these are common in domestic violence cases. Swickle decided not to comment any further.

Davie police Capt. Dale Engle said the trouble began for the 34-year-old Johnson on Saturday. An argument ensued in front of their house after Lozada, Chad’s wife, confronted him over a receipt she discovered for a box of condoms. According to information contained in the arrest affidavit, while Lozada was taking in groceries into their house, she found a receipt in the car’s trunk for a box of condoms. The two got back into the car and began discussing the receipt and their marriage.  It was then that Johnson got angry and head-butted his wife, the report says.

According to the affidavit, Johnson’s wife ran to a neighbor’s home and notified the police. An officer who responded said he saw a 3-inch cut on her forehead. When questioned by police, Johnson didn’t have any visible bruises or marks. He also agreed there was an argument concerning the receipt, however, said it was his wife who head-butted him. Based on interviews and observations, the officer charged Johnson with simple domestic battery.

Johnson could find himself in a lot of trouble and not just from the law. For starters, if convicted, he could get a maximum penalty of a $1000 fine and one year in jail. He could get a less harsh sentence of either probation, community service or anger management classes. While this may not seem extreme, Johnson would still have to face discipline from the Miami Dolphins and Roger Goodell.

The Dolphins have already commented that they are still looking into the issue and have not announced any punishment, if any is even coming. As for Goodell, Johnson could find himself in double trouble.

To begin with, the NFL has been handing out stiff penalties for off-the-field-trouble. Now add to the fact that the NFL has partnered with the White House for a public service campaign against domestic violence. Johnson could find himself paying bigger fines and loss of playing time in order to set an example for others.

Also, Johnson’s past might hurt him as well considering that he has been arrested for domestic violence previously. During college, Johnson had an altercation with his former girlfriend Chevon Jex. He ended up having to take anger-management classes and put on probation.

Chad Johnson Arrested

Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss Chad Johnson’s weekend arrest for misdemeanor domestic battery.

Chad Johnson Released

John Clayton on Miami Dolphins releasing WR Chad Johnson after being arrested on domestic battery charges Saturday.

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