Andrew Luck Wins Impressive Start Against St. Louis [Video]

Andrew Luck

Anyone out there who is comparing Andrew Luck to Payton Manning, begin by looking at their first NFL pass. For Manning, his was in 1998 during a preseason game and connected with Marvin Harrison for a 48-yard touchdown. This was a nice way to start off a person’s career; one that helped begin a nice offensive dynasty for the Indianapolis Colts.

It is hard to say what the future holds for the Colts new quarterback, but if history repeats itself, Luck could be at the helm for a long time. Luck’s first NFL pass went to running back Donald Brown, who took a short three-yard pass and turned it into a 63-yard touchdown. Welcome to the NFL Mr. Luck.

Andrew Luck, the No. 1 overall draft pick for 2012, continued to lead the attack on the St. Louis Rams by throwing another two more touchdowns before he was through. The Indianapolis Colts went on to defeat the St. Louis Rams by a score of 38-3. The win was the first preseason-opening victory for the Colts since 1994. Luck talked afterward about the victory by saying that “To get a win, get in the game and put some drives together is great. But I realize, and the guys in the locker room realize, it’s a preseason game and things will be different as the season goes along.”

Unlike other quarterbacks, Luck’s job this season is not solely to win games He will have the hardest task to accomplish in football this season and that is to replace the longtime face of Indy’s franchise; Peyton Manning. Whether he succeeds or not remains to be seen; however, he proved to everyone that he can do whatever is asked.

The coaches of the Indianapolis Colts wanted to keep Luck as upright as possible throughout the game. Except for hitting the ground twice, Luck was never sacked. They wanted him to be the most polished rookie since Manning to take 20 to 25 snaps; he took 24. They wanted him to prove he has the ability and skill to handle the offense. It took less than one half for Luck to show he fully understood what the Manning playbook was all about and demonstrated this from executing the perfect baseball slide to getting his offense to the line of scrimmage before the Rams could challenge a catch made on the sideline.

Colts fans could easily look at this one performance and suggest that they have a quarterback that will lead them back to greatness. It was a great performance by the rookie quarterback who shows great promise if he can perform like this every week. However, this is preseason and most importantly, this was only the first game in the preseason. Even the Colts realize that things are about to get tougher for their rookie quarterback. Veteran wide receiver, Reggie Wayne, said that “I’m sure he’s going to have some bumpy roads from here on out. Every game is not going to be like this. As players, we understand that. Us being able to overcome those bumpy roads and keep it moving makes the next time out there better.” Colts fans better hope then his shock absorbers last throughout the season.

Peyton Manning Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck Colts Preseason Debut

Andrew Luck chats with Bob Holtzman about his first start as an NFL quarterback and throwing a touchdown with his first pass.

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