Salesmen of the Round Table

A cold call is that unwelcome interruption you get on the phone while sitting at home with your family, friends, or sitting down to have a nice dinner. However, for the cold caller, they will often not take “no” for an answer. Cold Callers are uninformed on who they’re phoning and misrepresentation tactics are often used.

You wouldn’t call a paper company and try to sell them a basketball goal, would you? Chances are, no. Therefore, before contacting your next potential client or buyer, you should fully understand their industry, primary business goals, and company size. First, interact with your customer and sell second. With the initial interaction, you are making that personal connection which has been known to lead to a 243% increase in sales productivity.

You have to watch out for those top 3 annoying vendor approaches to a busy C-Level though if you’re trying to make that big sale. These approaches and acts include unsolicited phone calls, if their number isn’t listed, chances are they won’t be very thrilled if you ring them on the phone. Next, a lack of preparation and knowledge. Take the paper company and basketball company scenario for example. If you lack the knowledge of their company, they’ll probably be quick to let you know they’re uninterested. And lastly, unsolicited emails. No one likes a SPAM email and quite frankly, they’re hardly read and go straight to that “spam” folder on their email.

Those with indirect connections are five times more likely than those without any connection at all to receive a return call. For the callers with direct connections, the likelihood of receiving a return call actually increases eleven times. It has also been said that over 70% of decision makers absolutely will not buy from a cold call. Therefore, always try to make that connection with your potential buyer.

The hardest part in cold calling is getting them to listen to you in the first place. So, when sitting on that iron throne of sales – be confident, knowledgeable and not to mention personable so that you can make that next big sale.

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