Randy Travis Arrested Naked and Drunk in Texas, Mugshot Shows Bruised Face [Video]

Randy Travis Arrested

Late Tuesday night, 911 received a call stating that the caller saw a man lying on the road and that he possibly had no shirt on. When highway patrol troopers arrived, they found a man naked and ultimately arrested him. The man apparently smelled of alcohol and was lying on a remote stretch of roadway in northern Texas just before midnight. The individual turned out to be famous country music star Randy Travis, who had previously been arrested in February and pleaded no contest to public intoxication following the Super Bowl.

When arrested, Travis was also being charged with driving while intoxicated, a misdemeanor according to authorities, and felony retaliation, allegedly threatening to fatally shoot the troopers who responded to the 911 call. On Wednesday, Sgt. Rickey Wheeler of the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office had said that while in custody, Travis supposedly threatened “to shoot and kill the troopers working the case.”

If reports are accurate, Travis did not help his cause as he allegedly refused to take a blood and breath test. Wheeler said that Travis was forced to comply with a judge’s order to give a blood specimen at a nearby hospital.

According to Texas Highway Patrol Trooper Mark Tackett, Travis, 53, was driving his black 1998 Pontiac Trans Am when he lost control of his vehicle and drove off the north side of a two-lane highway just west of Tioga. He ended up striking several barricades in a construction zone where he resides. Authorities said there were no other occupants in the crash and Tackett said Travis was found naked. In fact, Wheeler said that when Travis arrived from the hospital visit to Grayson County Jail at 3 a.m., he still didn’t have any clothes. He told CNN, “He was given a paper suit, which is a jail uniform made out of paper.” He remained in custody until 10:40 a.m. on Wednesday when an acquaintance posted his $21,000 bail in cash.

It was not said if Travis was hurt after he crashed his car, however, his mug shot showed several abrasions on his face and a bruised right eye.

As a result of the February incident, Travis’ lawyer entered a no-contest plea on behalf of the singer who was not present in court. He paid a $264 fine and was put on what is like a 90-day probation, according to court administrator Christy Punches. She also said that the probation ends on September 23 and that so long as he doesn’t commit another offense in Denton County, the ticket violation will be erased from his record. Though he has allegedly committed new offenses, Punches said that it won’t impact on his probation because it happened in another county in Texas. The public intoxication charge is considered a class C violation of the municipal code. It is an offense that the Sanger courts usually dispose of with a fine and a 90-day probation. According to Punches, “it’s just a fine-only offense.”

Unfortunately for Travis, he still has a felony charge to deal with that may not be so easily to dispose of. The District Attorney, Joe Brown, said that the DWI case can be filed as soon as prosecutors decide whether or not to proceed. The felony retaliation or obstruction charge will take longer to follow through and could take a month or six weeks to be referred to a grand jury. If convicted, the country singer could get a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $10,000.

Some people are not so fortunate to second chances in life while others do. For those who do, they need to make sure not to squander them and learn from their mistake. Back after his arrest in February, Travis told CNN in a statement, “I apologize for what resulted following an evening of celebrating the Super Bowl. I’m committed to being responsible and accountable, and apologize for my actions.” This time, the country singer may find out that the price for being accountable is a high one.

Randy Travis Arrested Naked and Drunk

Country singer Randy Travis was charged with DWI and threatening officers Tuesday night in Texas, after he crashed his car. It’s the second arrest for Travis this year

Raw Video: Randy Travis Arrest Video Released

Police in Texas have released the dashcam video of country music star Randy Travis’ arrest earlier this month. Officers arrested Travis on suspicion of being drunk after spotting his vehicle parked in front of a church. (Feb. 15)

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  1. I have always been a big fan of Randy Travis. I still am. I know he has had issues with alcohol in the past and it is now an issue again. I hope and pray that he can get it together and re-establish a close relationship with our Saviour. My heart is actually bleeding for him. I look forward to more music from him but want him happy, healthy and sober. Randy……..I am praying for you buddy. Hang in there.

  2. Satan loves to way-lay famous christians…hang in there Randy, we’re praying for you!

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