Jordyn Wieber Stress Fracture in her Right Leg

Jordyn Wieber Stress Fracture

17-year old Jordyn Wieber was expected to take home at least one individual gymnastics medal this year and compete in the individual all-around, but it just didn’t happen. The Olympic gold medalist didn’t qualify for the all-around this year, and her less-than-expected performance in London could be due to an untreated stress fracture in her right leg. The injury has left her in a protective boot, many questions as to what may have gone wrong, and her hands somewhat empty of the medals she had her eye on.

The world champion finished seventh Tuesday night in her floor performance, making her one of only two of the five gold winning American gymnasts to head home without one of her very own. She lacked her usual precision and power that she’s become famous for as she stepped out of bounds during her 90-second floor routine, thus removing her from the medal contention.

Jo-Ann from the Detroit Free Press had this to say: “A spokesperson for USA Gymnastics said there hasn’t been a confirmed diagnosis of Wieber’s injury — she hasn’t had an X-ray nor MRI exam — but John Geddert, Wieber’s coach, said the unofficial diagnosis came from the “X-ray eyes” of team doctor Larry Nassar.”

“He’s right, 99 percent of the time,” Geddert said. “She’s had soreness. And now there’s a lump there. So it’s all the signs of a stress fracture. She’s going in a boot tomorrow.”

The injury may have been an issue as early as the Olympic trials where she had a sore right heel that may have been the prime contributor in her first loss in almost three years.

Most stress factors occur in the lower legs and feet where the body and bones receive the most weight and impact that come from the intense sport of gymnastics. The originate as very small minute hairline cracks in the bone from the repetitive impacts of the sport, as well as fatigue, when the muscles become tired and weak and are no longer able to take the shock of the various impacts, hence transferring that weight to the bones.

On a side note, its been argued that female athletes may be more prone to stress fractures than males due to a number of reasons, as the AAOS explains: “Medical studies have shown that female athletes seem to experience more stress fractures than their male counterparts. Many orthopedic surgeons attribute this to a condition referred to as “the female athlete triad”: eating disorders (bulimia or anorexia), amenorrhea (infrequent menstrual cycle), and osteoporosis. As a female’s bone mass decreases, her chances of getting a stress fracture increase.”

Jordyn Wieber Injury

Jordyn Wieber’s reportedly suffered stress fracture.

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