Gold Medal Swimmer, Cameron van der Burgh, Admits To Cheating in 100m Breaststroke Final

Cameron van der Burgh Admits To Cheating

Cameron van der Burgh, the South African gold medalist of the 100-meter breaststroke Olympic event admitted to cheating last week during the meet. He admitted to performing an illegal move that would have gotten him immediately disqualified had the judges seen it.

The breaststroke swimmers are allowed one dolphin kick underwater during their pullouts.The rule is a relatively new one that came in to play when four-time gold medalist Kosuke Kitajima, a Japanese breaststroker, added rogue kicks to his underwater pullouts on a routine basis, hence angering rival swimmers such as American Brendan Hansen. So the rules were changed to allow one kick, but you give an inch, and they take a mile. These swimmers are attempted to sneak in as many kicks as possible in an attempt to gain ground on their rivals, without drawing the judges and officials attention of course.

Burgh, and video replays, both confirm that he took three at the start. As he spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald and admitted to taking the extra kicks, he also threw in that he wasn’t the only one who broke this rule. “If you’re not doing it, you’re falling behind. It’s not obviously – shall we say – the moral thing to do, but i’m not willing to sacrifice my personal performance and four years of hard work for someone that is willing to do it and get away with it.It’s got to the sort of point where if you’re not doing it you’re falling behind or you’re giving yourself a disadvantage so everyone’s pushing the rules and pushing the boundaries, so if you’re not doing it, you’re not trying hard enough,” he says. “I think it’s pretty funny of the Australians to complain because in the underwater footage if you actually look at Brenton Rickard in the lane next to me, he’s doing the exact same thing as me yet they’re turning a blind eye.”

Cameron van der Burgh Admits To Cheating

Burgh will keep his medal, and get away with his admitted cheat, due to the fact that there are no underwater video reviews in the swimming races, and the time for an appeal has long passed since the race last week.

Swimmer Cameron Van Der Burgh Admitted to Cheating

Swimmer Cameron Van Der Burgh Admitted to Cheating in His Olympics World Record Win.

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