Serena Williams Crip Walk After a Grand Slam Win to Bring Home Gold at the Olympics 2012 [Video]

Serena Williams Dancing

Serena Williams, has done it again by winning Olympic gold in singles competition. As she stood atop the medal podium on Saturday, achieving her completed career Golden Slam as a result of her Olympic rout, Serena and fans watched the American flag fly off its pole midway through the national anthem as a result of the gusty on Centre Court. Old Glory came to rest in front of the Royal Box. Williams said, “It was probably flying to come hug me because the flag was so happy.”

Williams had reason to smile as she became only the second woman to achieve a Golden Slam. She beat Maria Sharapova 6-0, 6-1 and ended up winning the most lopsided woman’s final in Olympic history. It took Sharapova 45 minutes to win a game, already trailing 3-0 and had previously lost the first set by a score of 6-0.Despite the windy conditions on Centre Court, Williams dominated both with her serve and repeatedly blasted winners from the baseline.

According to Williams, she felt that from start to finish, the tournament was the best she has played. She said, “I was so focused here. I remember I was serving and I was thinking: ‘Serena, this is your best chance to win a gold medal. You’re at Wimbledon, you’re on grass, you play great on grass, pull it together, just win this.’ And that’s what I thought about.”

Back in the 1988 Olympics, Steffi Graf had achieved the first career Golden Slam after sweeping all four major titles. “Growing up watching her, I always liked her,” Williams said. “Having a chance to be mentioned in the same name – I always thought, OK, one person I’ll never be mentioned in the same name is Steffi Graf. She’s done everything.”

With achieving her latest victory, Serena can add her gold medal to her 14 Grand Slam singles championships. It is the most by any active woman and she is the first player to achieve a Golden Slam in both singles and doubles. Also, Serena has a chance for another gold medal as she will play alongside her sister Venus in pursuing their gold in doubles play.

Though the scores show Serena was in complete control, she knew that she could not give her opponent any chance of staging a comeback. ‘‘Against Maria, if you give her any hope, she’s trying to come back,’’ Williams said. ‘‘She won that one game and I could see her pumping her fist, and I was like, ‘Oh boy, here she comes.’ It was really important for me to almost go out there and just do everything.’’ That is what Williams did as she soon closed out the victory with her 60th ace of the tournament.

Upon doing so, she let out a long scream in triumph. She would then shake hands with Maria and follow up by hopping a dozen times on the grass she loves. Serena then waved to the crowd and decided to hop on the grass some more. Williams was still hopping as she put on her Team USA jacket for the medal ceremony. Then she began to dance. Williams said, ‘‘I don’t think I’ve ever danced like that. ‘I don’t even know where the dance came from.’’

Serena Williams Dancing the Crip Walk

Serena Williams Eyes Rio 2016

After completing a career Golden Slam, Serena Williams still wants more. Williams says she wants to defend her women’s Olympic tennis singles gold medal in four years at the Rio de Janeiro Games ‘unless an act of God doesn’t allow me to.’

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  1. Hello. This isn’t considered a Golden Slam. It’s a career Golden Slam. She did not achieve what Graf did in 1988.

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