Hothead Games Big Win Sports for iOS and Android Successful After Moving to Cloudant API

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Not only are playing games on your phone fun, there is also a large market in which you can make some big bucks, but how exactly do you win big in the app market? Here’s a little story all about how Hothead Games “won big”.

Hothead games is an award winning, independent game development studio focused on mobile games for operating systems iOS and Android. In March 2012, their app “Big Win Soccer” became featured and their usage soared overnight. Every second, 9 Big Win Soccer matches were being started! Just after the first 2 days of being launched, this fun-filled game skyrocketed to number one.

However, with such a large market and players, Hothead Games wanted to stay successful so they had to grow their back end database tremendously. Therefore, Hothead Games moved their data into the Cloudant Data Layer. Cloudant provides the world’s first globally distributed data layer as a service for loading, storing, analyzing, and distributing application data. Then Cloudant takes over Hothead Games’ job of database operations to allow the development studio to resume coding its next big game.

And thats just what Hothead Games did. Over the next sixteen weeks after they moved their data layer to Cloudant, they released two more games, Big Win Hockey and Big Win Baseball, both of which became number one in multiple countries. Not to mention, during this time Cloudant scaled Hothead Games from a 6-server cloudant database cluster to a 60-server cluster that was globally distributed.

Today, Big Win games have 80 million games played, 100 million packs of cards opened, 500 millioned documents stored in Cloudant, and 20 apps opening per second.

So what can you take from this success story? The first most important thing when creating mobile games is to make it fun! Make sure people all over the world will want to play the game. Next, make sure you have good database management. Using a service such as Cloudant will give you the ability to focus on creating the games, not managing all the data that comes along with them.

How to Win Big in the App Market [Infographic]
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