Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers from Exec Producer, Premiere October 4

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers

At the end of season three of ‘The Vampire Diaries”, Elena (Nina Dobrev) made the transition from human, to vampire. But this may be the least of her worries as season four draws ever closer, with the Vampire Diaries premiere on October 4,2012. We’ve been dropped a few hints from executive producer, Julie Plec, who reveals that the bigger issue will be a chain reaction that is set off by Alaric Saltzman’s conversation with the Mystic Fall’s Council.

“When Alaric Saltzman told the council that the town was filled with vampires, [he] told a lot of details about a lot of people that in the first episode back we’ll see have created a little bit of a domino effect…[and a] powerful, surprising death sequence.”

It sounds like we should be more worried about Elena surviving the premier than drinking blood. But hopefully with gorgeous Damon and Stefan protecting her, she’ll make it through the season. Plec also touched on the upcoming and intensifying love triangle between Elena and the Salvator brothers. “It’s going to make them fight a little and the three are going to begin a new chapter. There’s a really interesting moment between Damon and Elena where she’s acting a little bit out of character and they both get caught in the moment.”

Next on the list of minute spoilers, we find out that Klaus will be back in his own body and will resume his latest endeavor of finding “sportier and more dastardly ways of driving a wedge between Caroline and Tyler.” My oh my, another live triangle?

Last but not least on this list of yummy details is the barest hint of a new vampire hunter who will be arriving in Mystic Falls to join the party, and who may be one of the main reasons that Klaus has stuck around in the first place, and according to the EW:

Klaus isn’t the only Original sticking around. We haven’t seen the last of Rebekah or her other brothers and sisters. “We’ll definitely get glimpses of the other Originals over the course of the year,” says Plec. The exec producer also hinted that we may learn more about Esther’s backstory. “One of the things that we’ve always said in the writer’s room is Esther’s creation of the original vampires was predicated on a spell that she already had, so where did she get that? And what does that mean?” says Plec. “Does it mean that there are vampires that pre-date the original vampires?”

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 OCTOBER 2012 Premiere

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Teaser Trailer.

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  1. cinephilactic | August 30, 2012 at 9:34 pm | Reply

    That’s a fan made video mash-up from scenes of S3. It’s not a legitimate S4 teaser. Also, the show returns on Oct 11, not the 4th

  2. David Hutchinsib | August 3, 2012 at 2:19 pm | Reply

    OMG!!!! So this means they could have like Dracula be the first Vampire!!!! (Hopefully the Dracula 2000 version and not the Bram Stoker version) It would be awesome to see the Prince of Darkness pop up in TVD.

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