Richest Rock Stars: Who are they?

Rockstars, celebrities, famous people in general have always been of interest to us normal folk. We love reading magazines about what’s new in their lives or what they wore on the red carpet. But one of the most interesting things we like to know is how much money they make. It is so intriguing to think that these people make more money than we will ever make in a lifetime. However, one can still dream.

Believe it or not, rockstars don’t just make their money by being talented. Although that is undoubtedly the main source of their fortune, many rockstars make money through endorsements and other businesses. Fashion seems to be a popular venture for many rockstars. Once they make a name for themselves it’s easy to create a brand, and any loyal fan will purchase their apparel and accessories.

Some rockstars choose to share their fortune as well. For example, Bono is one of the richest rockstars, but is still known as one of the biggest celebrity humanitarians. He spends a lot of his money and time helping those in need. Not all celebrities are like this, but it’s nice to know that some are.

Mariah Carey is worth $500 million and makes her money through her music, contracts with Pepsi and Elizabeth Arden, and her line of shoes, jewelry, and fragrances on HSN. Another notable rich celebrity is Sean “Diddy” Combs, otherwise known as P. Diddy. Mr. Combs is known for being an entrepreneur. Now-a-days it seems he is more well known for his record label and clothing line rather than his music. However, that probably doesn’t matter much to him since he has about $500 million in the bank, just like Mariah Carey.

If you had millions of dollars what would you do with it? Many of the other rich rockstars choose to spend their money on multiple homes and cars. Or maybe even a basketball team, like Jay Z, who owns the New Jersey Nets.

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