Lauren Kornacki, Virginia Woman, Lifts Car to Save her Dad’s Life

Lauren Kornacki Lifts Car

Batman, Superman, Spider man, Cat Women are all fictional super heroes that have captured the attention of youths and adults with their remarkable ability to fight crime, show super human ability and to be role models in the eyes of those who are fans of them. Have you ever felt like a Super Hero a times? When you open that really hard jar that seems impossible to open do you feel “Super” once you opened it? Well how about lifting something twice your weight and feeling unstoppable once you conquered your feat.

For a young 22-year old Virginia woman lifting up a car has made her a Super Hero at least in her dad’s eye. “As I go to open up the garage door all I hear is a loud primal like scream saying dial 9-1-1!” Liz Kornacki said.

Liz is the wife of Alec Kornacki who was the man that got pinned underneath his own BMW while fixing on it after the jack slipped. The loud scream that Liz heard came from their youngest daughter Lauren Kornacki who noticed her dad was unconscious and needed immediate help. The recent college graduate and luckily an experienced lifeguard and educated in CPR jumped into action swiftly as she explained her process of trying to save her dad.

“I lifted the car up and kind of threw it a bit, I just shoved my body into it as hard as I could, and then came back and dragged him out and started doing CPR on my dad,” Kornacki said in statement to NBC 12 in Virginia.

Alec was very lucky that the whole entire weight of the car was not on top of him, before the jack slipped releasing the car on top of him, he had taken one of the tires off so the car was uneven which allowed his daughter to grab him and drag him from underneath the car according to Inquisitr. Lauren did two sets of mouth-to-mouth bringing her dad back to live just before the paramedics arrived reported the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Two days following the accident Alec Kornacki was reported by CNN to have several broken ribs along with many other fractures, but the good thing is that he is up and walking now and is very appreciative of his fast thinking daughter.

“I’m just so lucky and proud I have daughters that can perform CPR and have the knowledge to save lives I am truly blessed,” Alec said in a statement to the press.

So for the parents that gave Lauren Life she essential help save one of their lives.

Woman Lifts Car, Saves Dad in Virginia

Lauren Kornacki, a 22-year-old Virginia woman, is being hailed as a hero, even a real-life Superman. She reportedly lifted a car off her dad, who had been crushed while working under it, and performed CPR to save him.

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