Is Stocky’s Pizza in Haughton Haunted? Evidence Caught

Stockys Pizza in Haughton

The Pizza Poltergeist has struck, and has taken up residence at Stocky’s Pizza, a little pizzeria in Haughton, Louisiana. The employees have claimed that paranormal activity has occurred within their little establishment in the form of a friendly yet messy ghost. Sounds like Casper right?

Employees say that when they come in to work in the mornings, they find the kitchen supplies not where they left it, but rather across the room on the floor. To far away to fall on its own even if it could, and happening constantly? “When I came in the next morning I found two ice scoops across the room over on the floor,” says Lori, a worker at Stockys. It was to much of a creepy coincidence, so Lori, decided to check the security tapes to get to the bottom of this little mystery.

What she found on the video was a bleach bottle taking a dive from its stationary perch. More sturdy items were flipping off their rubber mats and skidding across the floor on their own. Annette Walker, the owner of Stocky’s Pizza, says that her family has never experienced anything out of the ordinary in the five years that they have owned the business, but there’s no explanation for these bizarre incidents, other than a mischievous little ghost.

If you don’t’ believe it, take a look at the video below.

Poltergeists are described as troublesome, noisy, disruptive or destructive entities who usually haunt a particular place instead of a specific location. These manifestations have been reported in many countries and cultures including the United States. The term “poltergeist” literally translates from German to “noisy ghost.”

Now ghosts on the other hand are described as the soul or spirit of a deceased person. They sometimes appear in visible manifestations that we, the living, can see although normally they are said to prefer an ‘invisible’ presence. They are generally believed to be loners, living a solitary existence while they haunt particular locations, objects, or people that they were associated with in life. The belief in ghosts, poltergeists and spirits of the dead date back to pre-literate cultures. Many rituals and religious practices exist to appease these spirits.

Stocky’s Pizza Haunted

Surveillance video from Stocky’s Pizza in Haughton, La. from July 14, 2012 showing distinct movement and possibility of paranormal activity in store.

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