Shin A-Lam South Korea Fencer Defeated Because of Timer Malfunction

South Korea Fencing Defeat

The Olympic fencing tournament took place a few days ago, and it was a long and emotional experience, especially for South Korea’s Shin A. Lam and Germany’s Britta Heidermann. In the last seconds of the match Shin led Britta by a single point. With one second left on the clock, Britta launched a final attack and scored a touch that won her the match. Officially scoring within a single second has been deemed impossible, but Britta managed it due to a technical malfunction with the clock that gave her just enough extra time to score that final point and win the bout, and her spot on the gold metal bout.

Shin and her coaches were enraged when the decision came back that the victory would go to Heidermann despite the technical malfunction. They launched an appeal of course, which proved to be lengthy with an unusual bylaw that required Shin to remain on the playing surface during the duration of the appeal. She cried uncontrollably, shading her head in a towel and occasionally coming up long enough to look at the crowd with red rimmed tear filled eyes. The Korean federation had to expedite a payment in order to use the appeal, but after over half an hour her attempt to overturn the result of the match failed.

Shin obviously should have had a chance at the gold medal, no doubt about it, and to make matters worse for Shin, she was forced to come back and fence for the bronze metal almost immediately. She jumped out at an early lead, but soon fell behind in the bout with China’s Sun Yujie who claimed the bronze with a score of 15-11.

This incident will surely lead to many gripes and arguments going forward from many national federations.

Despite losing her chance at the gold medal and the silver, then losing the bronze, Shin A. Lam walked off the playing surface to thunderous and rapturous applause from the fans, she was cheered and praised, and consoled by her coach, but that still may not go far enough to making the Korean federation feel any better about the entire incident, and missing their chances for a medal.

Heidemann beats Shin after clock is reset

2 Comments on "Shin A-Lam South Korea Fencer Defeated Because of Timer Malfunction"

  1. Why does Britta Heidermann even accept the medal?

    This tells your that she has not one single value of sportsmanship

  2. If it is deamed impossible to execute an attack and score in the one second left on the clock, then how can the German lady even be considered a winner of the match?! This is exactly why the olympics should not be allowed to go on, as the olympic body does not live up to its own mission statement of fair play, and honest competition. They instead, refuse to use logic and do what is right, and only fair. There should be a second gold medal match with the resluts also being counted, along side the other results. If there ends up being two gold medal winners, so be it. If there ends up being two silver medal winners, again, so be it. Fair is Fair, Justice is Justice. Stop using sundials and battery operated clocks please. These London Games of 2012 have been a travesty, example, the men’s gymnastic team finals. One country is eliminated, then reinstated as second, second begot third, and third is told to go screw themselves and take fourth. What the hell is that. Then you have one swimmer beating her all time best, and winning a race by 5 seconds, which is physically impossible historically.

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