Gun Sales Up As High As 41% After Aurora, Colorado Shooting

Gun Sales Up After Colorado Shooting

The horrific and tragic event of the mass shooting that took place at a movie theater in Aurora,CO  on July 20, 2012 has captured the nations attention, while stirring up various questions and concerns in the process. The world may never know what exactly went through the mind of James Holmes when he took the lives of 12 innocent individuals, and injuring dozens of others at the premiere of the new Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises”. A little over a week after this unfortunate event occurred it appears the people of Aurora along with the nation are investing in gun protection.

A big reason why there may appear to be more individuals applying for and being granted permission to carry a concealed weapon, could be for the feeling of having personal safety in any kind of setting.

A metro area in Colorado in Douglas County has already seen an increase in gun sales over the past week alone. At the first gun show since the shooting in Aurora the Douglas County Fairground show had a 5 percent increase in gun sales, while a store in Colorado called Rocky Mountain Guns and Ammo are seeing numbers they have not seen all year.

I had several customers come up to me and say “I didn’t think I needed a gun, but now I do, when shootings happens in your backyard, people start reassessing ‘Hey, I go to the movies,” Employee Jake Meyers said.

Meyers also explained that the firearm classes that the store along with himself teaches actually became booked for three straight weeks, after the shooting.  To put things in perspective around the Colorado area the weekend after the shooting  the Colorado Bureau of Investigation approved background checks for 2,887 people who wanted to purchase a firearm. That number indicated that there was over a 40 percent increase in background checks from just the previous weekend before the shooting according to the Denver Post.

Dick Rutan who is the owner of Gunners in the Colorado town of Arvada told the Denver post that their gun sales are off the hook.

“People are saying that they want to have a chance and  the ability to protect themselves, and their families if they are in a situation like what happened in the movie theater,”. Rutan said.

Stores around the nation just like the ones in Colorado are seeing dramatic increases in gun sales. The state of Florida has seen a 14 percent jump in gun sales this past week, while an Adventure Outdoor store in Smyrna Georgia have reported that their gun sales have rose an unbelievable 300 percent from the previous year according to CARE2.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) mentioned in  statement that they are not necessarily surprised by the quick spike in gun sales, and explained that it is a natural response for people to want protection after a major or massive shooting has occurred.

A similar percentage increase in gun sales also occurred after the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007. After the the gunman in Tuscon,Arizona in 2010 that killed six people including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and injuring others, Arizona gun sales skyrocketed 60 percent in just one year.

With gun sales increasing all over the nation, some people believe some type of new gun control law she be set in place.

Colorado state representative Rhonda Fields mentioned in a statement that she understands why people are buying guns, but hopes buying a gun is not the only response that people will have. She also mentioned that she wants to see Congress reinstate an assault-weapons ban.

Some democrat lawmakers have been calling for much stricter gun-control laws, with an emphasis on high-capacity ammunition magazines. With the presidential election months away this may be a very hot button issues that will arise.

Colorado Gun Sales Increase After Theater Shooting

Colorado gun sales spiked 41 percent after the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

Colorado Gun Sales Up After Aurora ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Shooting

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Gun Sales Surge in Wake of Colorado Theater Shooting

In the wake of the Colorado movie massacre, gun stores have reported an increase in sales. By some estimates, stores across the country have seen sales jump from 40 — 60 percent.

Gun Sales Increase All Across the United States

As the country comes to terms with the massacre at the Colorado movie theater, authorities say they’re seeing in increase in gun sales. Here in the Mountains, gun store owners say their customers are buying guns and shotguns for protection. But they also say people worry the shooting may become an issue in the presidential election…eventually leading to stricter gun control laws It’s been over a year since Congress passed strict gun control laws.

Colorado Gun Sales Increase After Theater Shooting

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