Herbert Chavez: Superman Fan Undergoes Plastic Surgery to Look like the Superhero

Herbert Chavez Superman

Its a somewhat common fad to collect memorabilia for your favorite superhero. Many kids, and even adults are prone to it, however not many people would go so far as to change their entire outward appearance to look the part. But that is exactly what 35 year old Herbert Chavez has done.

Over the past 15 years, Herbert, a pageant trainer, has spent thousands of dollars undergoing various plastic surgeries, from a slim nose and cleft chin, to lypo-suction and implants to achieve a chiseled physique. He’s also had his dark skin lightened dramatically, his lips done, and his ebony hair grown and combed to perfection, complete with a split curl. To complete the look, he has bright blue contact lenses that make his eyes look slightly eery, but very Superman.

His goal was to look like Christopher Reeve, who played Superman in four Hollywood films, although his look was also inspired by the comic book renderings.

Herbert allowed a reporter to come into his bedroom, and reveal his complete obsession on camera. His room is overwhelmed with the memorabilia of superman, from bed sheets, pillows, wall decorations, life size dolls, posters, and even furniture that matches the classic color scheme of blue red and yellow.

A psychiatrist, who admitted to never treating Herbert before, believes that he likely suffers from dysmorphic disorder, a mental condition that causes people to become overly obsessed with their physical appearance and perceived imperfections.

Superman Plastic Surgery

Herbert Chavez Superman Before and After Pictures:

Herbert Chavez Superman

Herbert Chavez isn’t the only person to fall into this so called obsession. Sarah Burge from the UK has admittedly spent over $800,000 on cosmetic surgeries to achieve the look and title of ‘Human Barbie’. Burge holds the world record for most cosmetic procedures done, and has a self admitted addiction.

Human Barbie on Anderson Cooper

She gained worldwide attention when she announced that she had given her 7-year old daughter a ‘voucher’ for breast implants, to be redeemed at 18 of course. She’s been criticized for also revealing that she got her young daughter pole-dancing lessons at age 6, and has injected her 17 year old with Botox. When Burge was asked about all of this however during her interview with Anderson Cooper, he kicked her off the show, claiming that she was simply dreadful, and said he didn’t feel Burge was capable of an honest conversation.

“I honestly have nothing more to talk to you about, I’ve got to be honest,” Cooper said on his syndicated daytime show “Anderson,” looking disgusted as his studio audience applauded loudly. “I try to be really polite to all my guests. I just think you’re dreadful and I honestly don’t want to talk to you anymore.”

Are these obsessions and addictions with plastic surgery and looking like fictional character really just that? Obsessions and addictions? Or is it a true medical disorder?

Herbert Chavez Superman

Herbert Chavez showed his bedroom to a reporter, revealing his complete obsession, from his Superman bed linens to wall decorations, dolls and lifesize renderings.

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