BuckyBalls Magnets Being Banned by CPSC


BuckyBalls Magnets Banned

I can remember being young and having fun playing with my toys. Being at a young age, I never concerned myself with anything I played with was dangerous to me. The danger/risk was there but I had adults around me making sure my toys were safe to play with. Today, the adults are taking the form of government as the product known as Buckyballs, high-powered desktop toys, are being stopped from being sold anymore. Though the toys are meant for adults, some young children have swallowed the very small magnets and getting hurt. Also, teens that are using the magnetic balls to mimic their tongues of being pierced, have ingested the magnets and end up getting sick.

In an article from The Star, it is reported that the Consumer Product Safety Commission decided to file an administrative complaint against the manufacturer of Buckyballs. Despite this, the company refused to recall the product and forced the agency to try other means, such as trying to persuade retailers to not sell the product. They achieved some success as 10 retailers, including Amazon, stopped selling Buckyballs to the public. Crying foul, New-York based Maxfield and Oberton, manufacturer of Buckyballs, called the actions of the agency “unfair, unjust and un-American.” In addition, Craig Zucker, founder of the company, pointed out that his products are clearly marketed to young adults age 14 and older with clear warning labels to keep them away from kids.

Despite the so-called warning labels, the CPSC has reported at least a dozen children, since 2009, have swallowed the magnets and resulted in some needing surgeries. One such child, 12 year-old Sabrina Lopez from California, was talking with her mother about how her friend introduced her in using Bucky balls to mimic tongue piercings. While she was twisting her tongue with the balls in her mouth, she accidentally swallowed them and had to be rushed to urgent care. X-rays taken showed she had swallowed four magnets and had to be rushed in for emergency surgery . Her mother had said the experience was extremely frightening and that she could have died.

The complaint that was filed by the commission says that the problem comes from the powerful magnets getting stuck in the gastrointestinal walls, which can lead to perforations that can cause serious injury or death. Maxfield and Oberton’s Zucker said they will fight the compliant and that they were very surprised the agency has filed the complaint. “We worked with the commission in order to do an education video less than 9 months ago, so we are shocked they are taking this action.”

Based on the ruling of the administrative judge, the CPSC winning could compel Maxfield to stop its’ sales of Buckyballs. However, even if Zucker loses, he can still appeal to either the agency’s four commissioners or head to federal court. Most likely in cases with product recalls, the commission will negotiate with the company and work out some agreement. Incidentally, the last time an administrative compliant was filed by the agency against a company was back in 2001 regarding a BB gun case.

Save BuckyBalls Magnets

The CPSC is busting Buckyballs, and trying to keep ’em out of your hands. We’re working hard to make sure Buckyballs stay on the market.

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0 thoughts on “BuckyBalls Magnets Being Banned by CPSC

  1. So are we just recalling anything that kids might swallow? I’m looking around my place right now and I don’t understand why I’m allowed to have all these things. We apparently need to recall 30% or more of this room. Oh and recall all currency coins.

  2. Far better to have some faceless government bureaucrat steal our freedoms and protect us from ourselves than to take a few moments to educate or discipline our children.

    How sad for this once great country. We have now become incapable of surviving without our all-seeing, benevolent government overseers.

    Just one more attack on our rights and freedoms by an overbearing and oppressive government agency.

    At a time when government is overseeing an 8%+ unemployment rate, here is another example of the federal government destroying an American business.

  3. They’re not toys for kids. They’re desk toys for adults. The accidents are unfortunate, but not the product’s fault if parents don’t keep them, knives, medications, sewing needles, or hot irons out of the kids’ reach.

  4. Rceieved BuckyBalls as gift and have spent many hours constructing various shapes includiing geodesic dome. As àn octogenerian am dismayed by daily loss of freedom in our great country.

  5. Just out of curiosity, how many children have been killed or hurt some of them have. by sticks, balloons, cars, hotdogs, grapes, beestings, the wrong medicine, or the high powered energy drinks that are for adults only? All of these types of accidents have happened to my many relatives and friends and not all of them have resulted in death, but some of them have. Do we ban everything? Act and treat products with caution, almost everything can kill you, too much salt, too little salt, being fat, being thin, it goes on and on. We must still live and this environment is slowly killing all of us with too much protection. We must be able to be creative. Call the consumer protection agency and complain that we can use our brains and protect ourselves.

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