Underwater Hotel and Resort Race Between Fiji and Dubai

Undersea Resort

It’s a race to the underwater finish now that Fiji and Dubai are striving to be the first to finish their lavishly planned underwater hotels.

Bruce Jones, the president of Triton and U.S. Submarine Inc is building what he hopes to be the first ever underwater resort in Fiji, says that “People have always been fascinated with what’s underwater.” He is confident that his Poseidon Undersea Resort will be the first to be finished, and estimates it to be completed within the next two years. The resort will have a grand total of 24 underwater suites, suites over the water, and beach locations. That leaves roughly 7.400 spots per year, which he expects to be sold out for years.

Despite the steep price of $15,000 per person, 120,000 people have signed up to be informed when reservations open.

The $15,000 per person will get you a week with multiple nights in the various suites, piloting lessons in a mini submarine, and a personal butler to escort you here and there. The resort is said to have a spa, scuba lessons, seven bars and six restaurants with one under water, along with a golf course to top it off.

In light of the booming underwater business market, Triton and U.S Submarines have a subsidiary company developing underwater commercial and residential buildings.

With the way things are pointing, we may very well have a modern day Atlantis within the next decade or so.

Now the Dubai resort, the Water Discus, aims to become the first five-star underwater resort as well. They propose to have 21 rooms 30 feet below the water. The rooms will be in a giant disk, with another giant disk above the water that will hold recreational facility such as spas, garden’s and a swimming pool. Another disk will hold a helipad, diving center, and emergency flotation pods. The resort will look like a giant space ship. They say that the entire resort will be able to be raised above the water, and towed to another location should there be need for an evacuation or to simply relocate to follow the tourism. Sounds like a real leap into the future doesn’t it? Dubai had a project similar to this before that crashed during the economic collapse.

If you find that these prices are a little above your budget, don’t fret, cheaper forms of underwater entertainment do exist. You can eat at the Anantara Kihavah Villas or Ithaa Undersea restaurant, both underwater, and both in the Maldives. There is a lodge in Key Lago, Florida called Jules Undersea Lodge. Guests have to scuba 21 feet underwater to make it to the entrance.

Poseidon Undersea Resort

A virtual tour of the Poseidon undersea resort.

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