James Holmes’ Pictures Don’t Match

I’m not thrilled about publishing this and putting it out there. I’m deeply upset by what happened in Colorado and I feel for all of the families, victims and people effected by this tragedy. However, I feel like I’m faced with a situation where I have to at least ask the question and let you, the people out there reading this, decide for yourself. After some soul searching and staring at pictures of James Holmes for hours, I’ve come to feel that some of the pictures just don’t add up. Let me please state for the record that I am in no way, shape or form an image analyst, do I have any graphic design experience or anything that certifies me to be asking this question. I am just a journalist seeking the truth and looking for answers.

The Picture Comparison Is At The Bottom

I didn’t come up with the idea of these pictures of James Holmes not matching myself. In order to stay on top of trends, news and things that could become potential news, I follow and track at least thirty different websites and tools. I ran across a post on a conspiracy website called Godlike Productions that posed the idea that a picture comparison of these two pictures reveal differences as quoted from the site, “NOT THE SAME NOSE and EYE COLOR.” This site is good at uncovering news and finding breaking trends but it really does run on the line of insanity, speculation and sometimes just ridiculousness.

With that said, I took the pictures from two prominent news websites myself and analyzed them. The extremely amateur analysis I did below tries to compare features from James Holmes’ facial structure, his eyes, ears, eyebrows, Adam’s apple, the base of his nose, bridge of his nose and his forehead.

I didn’t find answers but only more questions. Now I’m looking for your opinions and comments about what I did wrong and how my analysis doesn’t add up.

The first picture on the left I found on a story in USMagazine.com titled, “The Dark Knight Rises Shooting Suspect James Holmes Told Police He’s “The Joker”.” The second picture on the right I found on a story from the NYDailyNews.com titled, “Aurora, Colo. theater shooter James Holmes makes first court appearance for killing 12, wounding 58 at ‘Dark Knight’ screening.” USMagazine.com says their picture came from the University of Colorado / Splash News and NYDailyNews.com says their picture is the official mugshot picture of James Holmes.

So let’s jump onto the crazy train and look at the differences between these pictures and see where we end up, shall we?

First Comparison James Holmes’ Bottom Part of Nose

Okay, so really, what is the deal here? Is it because James on the right is titling his head up and it makes the base of his nose less fat and less wide? Is that possible? The tip of the nose on James with red hair is much more pointy and shaped like a ball with the James with dark hair from University of Colorado’s source is less pointy and flows down into the nostrils more. The nostrils on James on the left seem to be wider in circumference as well with the left nostril almost possibly being bigger than the right. The James on the right with red hair has a nice small set of rounded holes for nostrils. The skin below the nose that connects down to the lips also seems to be more prominent, up higher and more visible on James with red hair. However, the skin below the nose differences I could completely let be a lighting anomaly.

Second Comparison James Holmes’ Right Eye

Let’s start off this one with the obvious, the lighting of these pictures clearly makes the color look quite a bit different. The James on the left from University of CO still looks to have much darker eyes than Red haired “Joker” James. The eyes on red haired James also seem to be a lot smaller with more white in the eye with the James on the left having more prominent and bigger eyes with the white being a smaller portion of the eye. James on the left at University of Colorado has big puffy bags under his eye where the James with red hair in the mugshot really has almost no bags of puffiness under his eyes at all. The bone structure above the eyelid seems to curve differently in both James pictures with more space for the eyelid to show on James on the right. This could be because the James on the right has his head tilted back revealing more eyelid providing an illusion. The eyelids are also bigger on the James on the right compared to the James on the left but this could be that he is extremely tired after a shooting rampage and being jailed?

Third Comparison James Holmes’ Adam’s Apple

Now this one is really stretching it, I know, but the Adam’s apple on the James Holmes on the right really seems to be more pointy and bony with the James Holmes on the left being more smooth and not sticking out of his neck as much. Once again, did James on the right have his head tilted back making his Adam’s apple stick out? Quite possibly. Look to the left of red haired James Holmes’ Adam’s apple and notice that little freckle or mole, see it? Well, I clearly don’t see that freckle or mole on the James Holmes on the left hand side, it’s just simply not there.

Fourth Comparison James Holmes’ Right Ear

Okay, I’m not going to lie, this comparison is pretty weak on this part of James’ features that don’t match up. The ear looks to be smaller and pushed back further to the back of the head on the James picture from University of Colorado. The earlobe on the red haired “The Joker” James on the right seems to be fatter and wider but it’s really hard to tell with the sideburns getting the way of James Holmes’s ear on the left.

Fifth Comparison James Holmes’ Right Eyebrow

A smiling face and a blank look could really produce a different curvature of an eyebrow on just about anyone I would think. That makes the case for the curvature of the eyebrow being much more curved on the red haired James on the right side compared to the James on the left side not very concrete. What does stand out to me though is that the amount of hair in the eyebrow on the James Holmes left picture is thicker on the left but has some weird absence in the middle. The James Holmes on the right has a very light amount of hair in the eyebrow and it is pretty consistent all the way through without any weird breaks in the hair from left to right. The hair on the red haired James Holmes also seems to trail off into a point where the James Holmes on the left really end quite weird and choppy.

Sixth Comparison James Holmes’ Left Eyebrow

I see big difference in the curvature of the eyebrows on the left eyebrow as well. The red haired James on the right has an arched curve that sharply goes down on the left hand edge towards his ear. The James on the left has a broad thick eyebrow that doesn’t have an ending arch that goes downward but just kind of fades away at the end. Another bizarre thing about the James Holmes eyebrow on the left is that it seems so close to the crease of his eyelid where the James Holmes on the right has a lot of space in between the bottom edge of the eyebrow and the top crease of the eyelid.

Seventh Comparison James Holmes’ Nose Bridge

This is another comparison where the lighting of the pictures really stands out and makes a case for the fact that any discrepancies could just be a light illusion. The bridge of the nose on James Holmes with red hair is much more prominent and bony with sharp lines and a steeper drop towards the eye. You can see red above the bridge and below on the nose, this may be sunburn or from the gas mask that James was wearing when he went into the theater. The James Holmes nose bridge on the left from the University of Colorado is wider and with that thickness to it, it also has a more gradual slope down towards the eyes. There are no sharp lines on the bridge of James Holmes’ nose on the left hand side with all smooth contours.

Eighth And Last Comparison James Holmes’ Forehead

This comparison between the two pictures could describe some of the differences we see in all of the comparisons to be completely honest. Is James Holmes lifting his eyelids and scrunching his forehead on the right hand mugshot photo? Or as I’ve seen with other guys they have creases in their forehead most of the time. Either way, in the picture on the left the James Holmes picture from the University of Colorado is smooth as can be.

That is it for me, I really want to move beyond this and let you all decide. Do you think these pictures match up? If not, what are your opinions on why they don’t? It seriously feels like a Where’s Waldo game at this point to me and I’m ready to let other people take a stab at this one. The picture is below for you to analyze yourself or you can visit the links above where I got the original pictures to analyze.

James Holmes Pictures Don't Match



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  1. “After some soul searching and staring at pictures of James Holmes for hours, I’ve come to feel that some of the pictures just don’t add up.”

    You should have included intelligent thought, on top of your soul searching and staring. That way, you’d maybe have spared the interwebs of yet another article on this ridiculous topic.

  2. wat a tard

  3. i dont understand why you guys have to bash the journalist. he clearly states that hes has no knowledge of photography or graphic design. he was just simplely finding the differences odd. and wanted some answers or peoples opinions. the diffrences are shocking but all in all i think it is the same person. unless its some kind of government conspirency (which i doubt). Unless he has a mysterious twin brother that no one knows about then sure maybe its not him. but no need to rag on the journalist.

  4. Is this a joke? Do you know for a fact that the lighting conditions were the same? How far apart in time the photos were taken? What camera was used to take each photo? What the exposure settings on the cameras were? Who the photographers were? Dig up two different photos of yourself and subject them to the same detailed analysis–I guarantee that you’ll conclude that one or both of them can’t possibly be you.

  5. Soooooooo……..
    If this isn’t “James Holmes”, then why haven’t any of his family members, childhood friends, high school classmates, co-workers, college classmates, roommates, or college professors come forward yet with this information? Don’t you think his family or any of the others mentioned above would have gone to the press or authorities to tell them that they have the wrong guy on the stand?!? They ALL can’t be in on it also. Put yourself in the above group of people’s shoes, and you know you would HAVE to go to the press with this. How could you not? Yet no one has.
    Oh, and one more thing, try this out.
    Go to a mirror.
    Then smile.
    Notice the differences. Your nose slightly widens and your chin raises a bit.

  6. Same exact person.

  7. Check out the jaw-line and chin. Thats all you need to look at, and to me they seem different but no one knows..

  8. There are definitely lots of odd questions about this case but personally I think the dissimilarity of these photos isn’t one of them – I think this is intentional disinformation being out out there to make those who question the facts seem silly. The two photos selected here for comparison are the most dissimilar of all the photos out there of the suspect. There are other older photos out there of the suspect where his nose does look thinner (it seems the smirk in this one could be making the nostril-part look broader and could perhaps even make the one ear look like it “protrudes” more. I tried it myself in the mirror and I can make my nose look broader, give myself eye-bags, and even make my ears move a little bit too, based on the way I’m holding my mouth and cheeks). It looks like the guy in the courtroom has a different base-color hair (lighter/redder brown) than the older photos of the suspect but how do we know he didn’t fully dye his hair at one point (like eyebrows & all) in the recent past? Hazel eye color can look very different in photos of different lighting, so can light freckles (especially when sometimes they’re light acne), and also reddish-brown hair. Adam’s apple can be more prominent when someone is skinnier or more-nervous. Bags under eyes can disappear when someone is so tranquilized that all their face-muscles are relaxed. Besides, with all the people out there asking this question, surely there either has-been or will-be some type of fingerprint checking to make sure this really is the same person. Even if he didn’t have a criminal record – can’t be that hard to find something people know the “real” James Holmes had his hands on to get some fingerprints to compare to the suspect in custody. Ears are also very telling and to me the ear looks like it COULD be the same. There’s also a slight dimple in the outside corners of the eyes and a slight depression at the top of the nose-bridge that seem pretty unique and look the same in both these photos. Last but not least, don’t you think the parents would know? (or are they “in on it” too to the extent that they would “play along” even if it isn’t their son?) Trust me that I’m definitely among the minority of people out there, who thinks this kid is somehow sadly being drugged/brainwashed/framed for this (very REAL) atrocity, but I also think it’s plausible that these photos are of the same guy and that the critical thinkers are just being sent off barking up the wrong tree with this particular theory.

  9. Does anyone else notice the pointed chin and longer jaw line i the uc pic. Now in the mug shot is more rounded. In my opinion light and shadow can’t bo that. Obama’s gun control. May Obama be the next Nixon? Big Brother at it’s best!

  10. The nose shape is the clincher; this is not the same guy.

    I would note the following:

    Holmes dad is set to testify in LIBOR fraud.

    A UN arms treaty was set for vote when this happened.

    Jesuits, I am looking at you.

  11. The red haired Holmes has a distinct mark by his adam’s apple. The other person doesn’t.

  12. it is the same person, one photo smiling the other is just staring, there is going to be differences because of this very reason, the nose and the yes look different when you smile and one pucture is nearly black and white where the other is under harsh lighting.

  13. The photos seem to be of the same person. In my opinion the differences on the pictures are due different face expressions and shooting conditions. Right ear is the same, even too similar. Shadows on the corners of eyes are similar. If a person, who has normally a thin nose will smile like on the first photo, the nose will become wider. You can werify that by making faces in front of a mirror.

  14. This is in response to Selby and others who may be confused: firstly, no offense intended as weapons are equipment are probably not your area of expertise – that’s ok, I’m sure you’re better than I am at whatever it is you do. Now on to the meat of the matter: Everything that Holmes used is easily available to civilians – not only that, had he been pulled over by an officer on the way to the theater there would’ve been nothing to cite Holmes with and no reason to detain him unless he had the weapons concealed or in the case of the AR-15, in condition 1 and in the passenger compartment. We have some reports that all the weapons were in the trunk, however. Next, Holmes used smoke bombs, not tear gas. Gas masks, furthermore are available quite easily for civilian purchase and some FEMA / government and NGO disaster preparedness entities have encouraged civilians to obtain them. The main weapon used was an AR-15 with a drum magazine, I have no knowledge of a firearm referred to as an “M&P-15” – furthermore there is no designation applied to firearms such as “M&P – Military and Police.” The “M” in “M-4” does mean military, and the difference between this weapon and what Holmes was using are significant: in fact, they may have saved dozens of lives. Holmes was firing the semi-automatic-only AR-15 at “cyclic” rates, meaning that he was pulling the trigger as fast as possible. Civilian rifles cannot operate in this manner, and his weapon jammed. When he was arrested he had thousands more rounds available for his primary weapon – which was jammed and useless, because he was an untrained idiot who didn’t know anything about firearms he hadn’t seen in movies – where anything that even LOOKS like an M-4 fires at full automatic forever without overheating, jamming, chamber or barrel damage.

    In closing I hope I have helped to expand your and others understanding of not just this particular incident and firearms in general. Thank you and good luck – always remember the 4 safety rules.

    • In response to “post-hoc”. Regarding your statement about the firing of the weapon by pulling the trigger as fast as possible and jamming the weapon… I own an AR-15, and have fired it very rapidly- as fast as I can pull the trigger, and have done so quite a few times. I have fired multiple 30 round mags consecutively, in a very rapid fashion. It has never jammed. Ever. Cheap weapons or components, improper maintenance and cleaning, or use of poor quality or improper ammunition CAN cause a weapon to malfunction, but I do not believe that any human can pull the trigger fast enough to reach the cyclic capability of the AR and jam it. Poor quality magazines- perhaps that 100-round magazine was one- can also jam a semi-automatic weapon; the feeding and ejection cycle is directly affected by the magazine.

    • The M&P15 is Smith and Wesson’s version of the the AR-15, and the designation of M&P does stand for Military and Police.

  15. I believe it is the same guy. Yes the nose looks to be as if it is a totally different structure from one picture to the other, I believe it the different angles of the photos that is responsible for this. I am a film school student and different shots, lighting, distances and other factors can really distort human photographs. As you can see his ears are not even with each other in either picture. It appears that his right ear is set higher in both pictures as well as his right eyebrow. Eye color can differ from colored contacts. Weather he has to wear perscription lenses or not doesn’t make a difference, non perscription contatcs are sold online.

    • Odd. Everyone love a good conspiracy maybe big bro is just f***ing with out minds. Not the same guy, as a matter of fact i think they even hid some feature in his mug to make him more like the ‘old pic’ notice hair over pointy ear for one. And for f**k sakes unless he got a nose job, not the same guy.

  16. Hanny Maschke | July 31, 2012 at 8:14 pm | Reply

    I have the same comment as er

  17. Same guy, don’t know. What I do know is that a CIVILIAN cannot access police/government issue items: TEAR GAS, EXPLOSIVES, GAS MASK. The weapons he used were all gov/police issue- Glock model 22 (.40S&W), Remington 870 (SWAT Issue), Smith & Wesson M&P15 (Military and Police). State police forces use these items, including perhaps, explosives (for certain building entries). The guy seems etremely sedated/drugged in the courtroom. In the crime scene investigation, a riot-sheild can be seen in the photo. WHY? What is/was a riot sheild doing there? Next, the M&P15 rifle is laying on the ground by the door. It has no sling attached. So now the guy came in with the M&P15 rifle, two Glock 22s, a Remington 870 shotgun, (two?) tear gas canisters, and- a riot sheild, maybe? Another thing: Usually when someone goes ‘insane’, they act and talk strange. Not drive over to a theatre at midnight and shoot it up. There is plenty of conspiracy evidence laying around, too much for what we’ve been told. Why would the government do something like this? As you look through history, governments have done sinister things, Nero setting fire to Rome, blaming christians, for example. How about our government? Gun-control, socialism, government take over and population control are all factors. I’ll let you decide on that one. Always trust your government- just ask any Native American.

    • Seby, though I disagree with post-hoc about the jamming reason on the AR-15, his/her statement about that stuff NOT being kept to just Police and Military is correct. AR-15’s Glock pistols and Remington 870’s are all common and popular items, and are easily and legally obtained. The explosives that he had in his apartment were apparently home-made concoctions made from legally obtained material, from the reports I heard. Though I must agree that your supposition that it could be staged is not diminished by my above statements- in fact, it would serve the purposes of supporting government gun control by having him use LEGAL weapons. And I agree that the pictures do seem to be of two similar-looking but different people. The timing of this with the UN treaty on small arms just a week away from the event- just too convenient for the gun control folks IMHO.

  18. Benito Camela | July 31, 2012 at 4:14 pm | Reply

    What’s important is that the guy on the right matches the guy in the courtroom. I mean, they could put a picture of him when he was 12, 6, 2, or an infant and they wouldn’t match either. Do you think the defense will use the “If the silhouette doesn’t fit you must acquit” argument?

    • Hanny Maschke | July 31, 2012 at 7:47 pm |

      UM,dumb,unobservant person,these pictures are not a matter of looking different due to age,there are two different eye colors,shapes and sizes of the nose,the list goes on. Your nose doesn’t change shape simply because you have aged.

  19. Sorry but it is the same guy. Drugs can change the appearance of one’s face. The only difference I can see is one was a happy looking guy…the other was forcing his eyes open therefore that will alter the look and shape of the eyes as well as the forehead and push your ears out. Try it and you will see..just as I agree a big grin would cause your nose to appear wider as well as your nostrils. Scary thing is I would have probably thought of dating the happy go lucky looking James Holmes…not the scary drugged out version.

  20. The real James Holmes kidnapped this guy drugged him left him by his car and after the shooting james Holmes got away and the police think this guy is james Holmes….

  21. It is DEFINITELY the same guy in these photos. To others suggesting it is implausible that he commited the crime, that is NOT the question being asked… the question is ‘Do the photos match?’ A. Yes, they do.

    Look in mirror. Straighten your mouth, then smile. Your nostrils will flare out making you your nose larger.

    Look at other photos of yourself on social media sites, you could then argue some of your OWN pics don’t match up.

  22. they are exactly the same person. Good gracious. Any portait artist (myself, included) could tell you that different angles will slightly alter the human face. You have too much time on your hands.

  23. Well, his parents think it’s the same person, and they would know. UNLESS THEY”RE IN ON IT ZOMG HOTDOG!

  24. How is it not the same person? How are people even questioning this?

  25. ConspiracyChick | July 29, 2012 at 4:13 pm | Reply

    I agree. I noticed immediately that the eyebrows were different. Either he tweezed/waxed them or its a different guy. Eye color differs, too. A lot of things aren’t adding up. One witness initially stated that he saw a guy who was 5′ 8″ answer a cellphone call, leave the theater, and returned in full gear. Holmes is reported as being 6′ 3″. You can’t confuse/ignore the height as well as the flaming red hair. The witness never mentioned the hair. When interviewed more recently, he stated the same story, but when the reporter led him with the question of did he have red hair – he answered, “Yeah, I think he did.” Are you kidding me? That glowing red hair couldn’t have gone unnoticed even in a dark theater.

    • Mistaken height happens all the time. Police reports all over the country along with many peoples drivers license. If I put 6′ on my drivers license and then got arrested and was really 5’8″ do you think I can claim it wasnt me?

      and when you wear gas masks and gear not that much of your hair is really showing. Especially in a dark theatre with muzzle flash going off every millisecond

  26. It is obviously the same guy. The George Zimmerman photo looks less like Zimmerman did in person than any so called “differences” we see here.

    Don’t be delusional.

  27. Although the people wanting too much CSI Miami really should leave the forensic work to the experts. What do you mean the tip of the nose matched? Can you see what his nose would look like as an entire nose the way you matched those up? He would look deformed. And I guarantee you can take hundreds of thousands of other pictures of anyone with a similar facial structure and transpose them or combine half of them and it would look the same….terrible. You can’t take two separate pictures with different lighting, sizing, distance, etc and learn anything from comparing them short of things like scars, moles, etc. The whole picture thing is a non-starter, and trying to use the separate pictures to prove anything one side or the other is pointless. And I don’t mind someone saying “man this doesn’t look anything like the guy in the first pic” and going from there. But where you go to is reliable ways to confirm whether the correct person is locked up and search for the truth that way. And there is a ton of evidence and reasons that shows it is. You don’t stay focused on the pictures because nothing is going to be learned from them as the same person can look very different in two different pictures.

  28. First,both pictures show a mole just to the left and down from his lips. Second, the lighting, angle, and contortion of his mouth are different so it is going to look different. Third the different color hair combined with the different style is enough to make anybody look different from one pic to the next all by itself.

    The mother identified him. He has been fingerprinted and even if he isn’t in the system I am sure his fingerprints are all over his apartment. So if this guy is a patsy did they sneak him into the real guy’s apartment and have him touch a bunch of things and then pay off the mother and an entire university of people that knew him? Get real. And the guy was studying neuroscience. I’m sure he was intelligent enough to do what he did and where did someone come up with the figure 20k to buy the equipment? Which btw the two guns he bought legally he did so with picture ID as well.

    But, and this is the real important part, you conspiracy theorists are making a mockery out of the suffering the victims are going through with this sideshow nonsense. God forbid any of them actually start wondering if this is the right guy over this Internet smoke and mirrors. And the real story is the victims, not all this attention on the shooter or even worse planting a seed that could taint a jury pool. I am all about finding the truth whatever it may be. But this is trampling the truth trying to find a conspiracy.

  29. Jane Departing | July 27, 2012 at 6:50 pm | Reply

    Lol! The pictures don’t look at all the same, but that doesn’t mean that it’s two different people. The dark haired photo on the left is a smiling photo from a full front face angle of a healthy faced man, while the right red haired photo is of a head tilted slightly back and to the right (his) of a tired dehydrated man, which would distort facial dimensions. I know I look nothing like my driver’s licence picture so it’s possible to have a photo that looks different from another of the same person. I have lots of pictures like that. 

    The guy in the red haired photo has dyed his eye lashes and eyebrows to match his red hair. It looks like the eyebrows were waxed to even them out and such to match the look he was going for. If he had uneven eyebrows and was trying to attract women, waxing his brows would have been likely. If he had a plan to massacre some people I’m sure he planned what he wanted to look like doing it. 

    The red haired guy also looks a bit dehydrated about the eyes. I don’t think proper diet and hydration take priority for mass murderers before they set out on a rampage. In both photos the ears and eye distance are pretty much the same, as is the size of the mouth. In all the photos I have seen of the man said to be James Holmes his right eye shows an outer crease/fold as does his left. The red haired man has a similar eye fold at the outer corner of the left and right eyes. They found painkillers on the guy so he was probably using them to stay awake. With his eyes open wide in the red haired pic along with the reduced eyebrows, dyed lashes and flat expression you can see how this can be the same man. 

    Both pictures show heavily lidded eyes and he could have in contacts. Actors have been known to change their faces to get into a character and the face is full of muscles that can pull in or stretch a nose or a set of eyes. Go play in a mirror if you don’t know what I’m talking about. 

    Now for the notebook. Holmes didn’t plan to get caught and he had planned to destroy evidence in his apartment, but he still wanted credit, so of course he mailed the notebook. He is alleged to have written on a dating site that he liked “Where’s Waldo” and if he had got away he would have played that game as Waldo. If he could alter his appearance enough to make people say conspiracy and question if he is the same guy in both photos, then maybe he could have hidden in plain site like Waldo just by using contacts and hair dye. He wasn’t a suicide killer and he was wearing full protection, that was the effort of a man that had planned to get away and live to laugh about it. 

    Now if you want to read about a real conspiracy go here:  http://janedeparting.blogspot.com/?m=1

    • That would not thin his nose at all.

    • to Johnny.. yes it will change your nose. and face. Go on a drinking or drug binge for a few weeks or months and see how different you can look.

  30. the fact we are even this bored to be looking at something is pure ignorance. this is clearly the same guy. everyone go look at yourself in the mirror, flare your nostrils, tilt your head, raise your eyebrows, bulge your eyes, and hold in your smile. Now act like a god**** normal person, smile pretty and see the difference. wala!!

  31. Same guy. If this was a patsy (playing devil’s advocate, he’s not), why would the NWO or whatever even use different people? How would they convince the family to identify him in both photos? Why would they even release these photos? Why would they do that?

    The differences are due to time, lighting, clothing, camera/film type, mental state and smiling (said before, but must be said again: muscles stretch the nose while smiling). I’ve had a mug shot taken and you better believe it didn’t look like my profile pic.

    But again, why? Why release (devil’s advocate) a doctored photo these days? Why on earth would they do that?

    Please. Occam’s Razor, people. They are two different photos of the same person. Different photos = different appearance.

    • leverage against the dad testifying in LIBOR; it’s bigger than the mortgage crisis and it’s an intentional fraud

  32. I truly thought that those were two different people, until I used photoshop to overlay the images, one on top of the other. I made the top one 50% transparent and now there is no doubt in my mind that those two images are of the same person. I don’t know if this link will work, but I posted the image I made on Facebook.


    • So, why did you ‘shop out the wide nose? That’s the only thing that needs to be pointed out. (No, your nose doesn’t widen when you smile. Not that much!) You only confuse when you start looking at other matters. It’s like Obama’s birth certificate: All that had to be said was that kerning was impossible with a manual typewriter. If they had stuck with that one issue, Obama would be behind bars today.

    • Yes that’s exactly what I was saying and your picture proved my point! They are trying to let him get away with it!

  33. I truly thought that those were two different people, until I used photoshop to overlay the images, one on top of the other. I made the top one 50% transparent and now there is no doubt in my mind that those two images are of the same person. I don’t know if this link will work, but I posted the image I made on Facebook.

  34. Jason Pierce | July 27, 2012 at 1:32 pm | Reply

    What most people are forgetting is that not only can the shooting be pretty conclusively linked to James Holmes, the trapped apartment, the ammunition found in the car and apartment registered to him, etc. But i believe his own mother identified him at one point. So this excludes anynswapping unless it is some crazy government conspiracy which means that the few of you that follow the conspiracy theory will rightly have a hard time convincing just about anybody

    • Im supposed to believe a unemployed student working at Burger King purchased nearly 20k in equiptment, dressed orginally reported as Batman, in a gas mask, then the media changed to the joker, let himself into the theater(while a eyewitness claimed multiple acomplices) and threw originally tear gas by the media, now smoke canisters in opposite sides of the theater, shot up the theater, boobie trapped his apartment like a pro, while he later flopped on the ground like a ticlke me elmo not knowing who is, while he was plotting this he managed to drive a car with Tennessee plates either from a rental or was given it. (Long run on sentance)

      So why is our government sentancing an obvious mentally ill person to death? Everytime I see this guy he is drugged up,I think he was shot up with LSD just like a guy in our local ward who still thinks he is a container of orange juice since the 80’s. Look up Opration Northwoods, its how lone gunman mass shootings are staged, and carried out and how to frame a patsy, look up Operation Gladio where the government talks about attacking shopping malls, theaters, night clubs. This is no conspiracy theory, our goverment has disclosed this, look it up.

  35. The nose does stretch when you smile. I can tell you my nose is quite small and straight when my expression is relaxed, and when I smile, my nose stretches out wider. Exactly the same as these pictures! Try it!

    Seriously, the face does change when you smile. The skin stretches! Eyes crinkle! In the first picture he looks competent, even arrogant. In the second picture he looks surprised, out of it, not all there. Two completely different looks, different expressions. Plus camera quality, lighting, resolution etc etc.

    Haven’t you seen photos of family and friends in which they look different from one photo to the next depending on emotion? Different hair can drastically change appearance, also. (For example, victim Matt McQuinn looks different in photos because his hair is different. Are you going to tell me they’ve got the wrong photos of him?)

    And eyebrows… you can lose hair. He might have had trichotillomania and pulled at his eyebrows.

    It’s all very interesting to think they are two different people and there’s a conspiracy, but I don’t think there’s any mystery here. Yes, he looks different, but people DO look different in photos. His appearance and life circumstances have changed drastically. I thought he was quite handsome in the first pic (no I’m not one of those ‘oh he’s hot I’d do him’ adoring fans), he looks ordinary in other pictures. Photos are just like that sometimes.

    • When I smile my nose does not stretch one bit, I have a very bulbous nose and it barely even moves whenever I smile… The truth is there are a lot of differences in the two faces, but perhaps the angle of the pictures taken is why they look so unalike. I really have no doubt our government would plot terrorist like attacks to get what they want done. It’s funny this happens a week before a bill could be passed disarming Americans of weapons. I really don’t pay attenion the news anymore, they spin stories a certain way that I think are half truths. You can say I am being paranoid but it’s common sense!

  36. The first time shooting suspect Holmes walked into Original Aurora Liquor – about four blocks from his Aurora apartment – a year ago, a Palestinian immigrant who works behind the counter mistook him for an Iranian.

    “Are you Iranian?” employee Joseph Nasser, 50, asked Holmes, who he said became visibly angry.

    “What?! I’m no (expletive) Iranian,” Holmes replied, according to Nasser, who has worked at the store seven years.

    Nasser said Holmes looked like an Iranian customer who frequented the store at the time.

    So the first pick does look like a darker complected, possibly semetic individual so much so he was confused for Iranian. Now looking at the guy in the jumpsuit looks so much like a Anglo, how could anyone confuse.him for Iranian?

    I think he is a patsy, the UN small arms treaty is to be signed by Obama tomarrow, brought to you buy the same people who staged fast and furious.

  37. Alec Smithers | July 26, 2012 at 9:16 pm | Reply

    Tilt your screen back… First, his adam’s apple is bigger & pointier in the right image. Second, his jaw line is more rounded off in the right image. The james in the left image has a pointier chin & it is longer. His iris’ are definitely different sizes. I do see the same mole to the lower left of his lip. The eyebrows in the left image look much thicker. Any agree-ers?

    • Hanny Maschke | July 31, 2012 at 8:02 pm |

      Excuse me,if it’s the clearly the same guy,why was there even a question? Clearly,more than one person thought the pictures looked different enough to bring it up. It isn’t mentioned on several sites because one person thought this and some how had such a strong will that he got other people to stare at pictures of the same person and now he’s laughing at dumb-asses who believe it’s two different people. No one has that amount of power to convince so many people of what he sees. I thought he looked different the very first day in court. I was like I know he is tired and has orange hair but his features are different. Thank you,Alec. Thank you. I thought I was the only one who didn’t have some lame ass accuse as to how this clearly is the same person. Um,yeah your face changes when you smile,blah,blah,blah. Yeah,my nose changes shape when I smile. Um yeah,and my eyes also change color. Oh,OK.

  38. Left image: younger, fatter, face tilted more forward, crinkle-eyed smile.

    Right image: thinner, face tilted back, eyebrows raised to go with his google-eyed pout, which wrinkles his brow.

    Jawline the same, adam’s apple, skin and beard type… all the same.

    Note left image is more close-up. Big difference in scales for those images. Left image is also a bad exposure and looks to have been enlarged past optimal resolution.

    The ears are the goddam same. Left ear flatter to head, right sticks out more, same shape.

    That nose is the goddam same nose in both pictures.

    The eyebrows are identical and indicate he’s at risk for heart disease.

    Bow on lips, identical.

    It’s totally the same guy.


  39. Same guy. If you draw an equilateral triangle from his nose to his pupil on the left side of his face (right side of the photo) you’ll find in both pictures that there is a tiny mole there. moles move but not very far. in the right picture it is faint and hard to see because of lighting and probably because of skin conditions. it may be that it is not a mole at all but a scab from a zit in the old photo and the scar it left in the mugg shot but there is a corresponding mark. his left eye is slightly off in both images as if he has a mildly lazy eye.

    the y shape of the cartildge at the curve of his left ear matches if you account for a minor distortion from perspective.

    however the mole on his adams apple has moved a full 3 inches to the right side of his neck.

  40. This MUST be the same person. In the first picture he is smiling. That automatically widens the nose and the muscles above the cheekbones lift, making the the eyes squint a bit. In the second picture, his forehead is wrinkled, which means his eyebrows are lifted. Of course the eye brows and hair line aren’t going to look the same in both. The curve of the face between the cheekbone and the jaw is the same, only in the first it is more extreme because he is smiling and the muscles below and above the curve are flexed. The top of the lips have the same shape, only one is more stretched out because of the smile. His crow’s feet point downward at a similar angle in both pictures.The side burns have the same length. His ears have the same shape. The bridge of his nose is nearly identical in both pictures. His nostrils are angled similarly. His neck is the same length. His facial hair grows in the same placement and pattern–the only difference being that he has seemingly less facial hair in the first picture. His hair is wavy in both pictures. Aside from length and the obvious tampering with color, this is the same head of hair. His skin folds similarly beneath his lip in both pictures— I’m positive that if he’d had the same expression in both pictures, it would be identical, as would the nasolabial fold. He even has the same lazy eye in both pictures.The Adam’s apple is the same shape and in the same placement. The only difference is that the Adam’s apple in the second picture looks sharper. That is due to lighting and camera quality, which is also responsible for the difference in color scheme; The first is a bit more gray-scale, whereas the second is vivid and vibrant. That explains the slight difference in eye color. I submit that this is the same person. In the first picture, he is SLIGHTLY heavier and smiles for a low quality picture, whereas in the second he is a bit older, slightly thinner, and is wearing a different facial expression. This is EITHER the same person, or the two are identical twins.

    • @asfasf, you have just said exactly what i’ve been trying to tell everyone, they don’t understand these little nuances in the photos that make huge differences, i could show people these nuances and the differences they produce if i could sit everybody down and watch me reproduce them in photoshop but people just can’t comprehend and it really is something that has to be “experienced” by the layperson, it can’t be imagined because it isn’t in their imagination to pull from…..

  41. same dude, different pictures in life.
    left was younger and he was heavier and happier.
    right was older and he was thinner and had been up for 4days (& probably been on drugs for the last yr or so).
    nose is flared in left, just being there in right.
    right is normal look, left is he is raising his eyebrows (see furrow on forehead) – probably cause he is so tired (and possible pretty depressed).
    ps. nose keeps growing and never stops.

  42. It’s the same person… Pretty sure you’re gonna look a little morphed during a psychotic episode.

  43. Forgot to mention—the eyeballs look exactly the same in both pics in that his right eyeball is slightly off-center and his left is too, but not as much, so it looks more normal than the other.

  44. Anyone who thinks this is a different guy is an idiot. Take into consideration how far apart the two pics were taken, the things hes done, the amount of sleep he has or hasn’t gotten, his facial expression, the lighting, there are SO many things you have to take into consideration before you post something this stupid!!!!

  45. He’s definitely raising his eyebrows on the right, at least slightly, which is why he has lines in his forehead on the right red-haired pic and not on the left dark-haired pic, which also changed the distance between the bottom of the eyebrows and the eyelid creases. The main differences are the noses, the under-eye area, and the eyebrows. Everything else looks the same, and the minor differences can easily be chalked up to different cameras, lighting, and angle of the face and head. His head is tilted ever-so-slightly to his right in the red-haired pic, whereas it’s not tilted at all and is straight on in the left dark-haired pic. His face also seems to be tilted up ever so slightly in the right red-haired pic, and not tilted up at all in the other.
    But the differences in the nose and under-eye area are noteworthy, and can only be explained by botox and/or plastic surgery, I would think, since no one’s nose changes that drastically when they smile. The many differences in the eyebrows could easily have been caused by him just fooling around with them and plucking them, maybe as a minor symptom of his mental illness.
    There are too many other parts of the face and head that are exactly the same to think these are two different people, like the temples and face shape, chin, adam’s apple, etc., unless they’re brothers…maybe twin brothers.
    The right ear lobe does look fleshier and bigger in the right red-haired pic, but that could be because his head is tilted slightly to the right, which shows more of it, than the head in the pic in the left, which is full-on straight, so would of course cut the part that’s closest to the head off from view.
    Just my two cents worth after studying both pics for a good hour or more!

  46. John Michaelson | July 26, 2012 at 10:01 am | Reply

    The differences in Holmes face is only due to the different facial expressions. One is smiling and the other is not.

    The sharp cleft of his upper lip is identical, the bridge of his nose is identical. All the other features were manipulated based on Holmes facial expression.

    Both pictures has the exact same eyebrow differences – one eyebrow is naturally higher than the other and both pictures have that.

  47. these are two different guys! it doesn’t take a person with much common sense to know this

    • i’m sorry, i just had to say something regarding this statement….the only reason someone would think that these pics are of two different guys would primarily be because of “not much common sense”…. 😉

    • That’s totally not the same guy… Plus, any photo shop novice can tell that the bozo guy has had some manipulation done to his photo… It’s not even a good job… NOT THE SAME GUY!

    • Hanny Maschke | July 31, 2012 at 8:05 pm |

      Thank you!

  48. Jane Winchester | July 26, 2012 at 8:44 am | Reply

    You have a good point, but there’s something I am missing. How could it be possible to set someone up for something like this? I mean, James Holmes’ parents have been called in, and presumably they (and family friends etc…) would know by now if the earlier pictures and the current ones are not the same person? BUT I think the nose really does look different. It looks as if he’s had a nose job?

  49. At what age are each photo taken?

  50. I took the two photos, resized them so that the distance between his pupils matched, then rotated one so the orientation of the eyes matched. The eyes and the tip of his nose matches perfectly in both.

    I think he’s had a nose job. I can’t tell about the ears, though. It might just be a slightly different angle he’s facing…..


  51. duh….
    look at his ears
    look at his adams apple
    eyebrows look dyed and thinned. hair obviously dyed
    odd how this scum kept his porkchops intact

    this case is all about a desperate, lonely guy, hard-up bigtime, who failed miserably in grad school and was losing his apt.

    super pissed off about it—and no wonder. he was a member of white elite society. so he snapped. this is a classic case of failing to meet alpha-dad’s standards. i think he is probably normal, just very, very angry.

    there are a lot of people who have mental illnesses but do not feel the need to destroy. this guy felt the need for scorched earth. and this is the ultimate revenge of the nerd.

    • Hanny Maschke | July 31, 2012 at 8:11 pm |

      A yeah. You clearly do not understand mental illness in any way,shape,or form. Most if not all mental illness manifests in a violent way or another,even if it’s just thoughts in their head. A lot of people with mental or some form of retardation have to have medication just to keep from being violent.

  52. disclosurenow | July 26, 2012 at 5:09 am | Reply

    I knew something was fishy when all the reports came in about this guy. I felt like the government had their hand in something. Then I see him in the courtroom drugged and that solidified my opinion. The notebook, lol thats laughable, the government must think people are dumb to think that has been laying on someones desk for a week or so. It was staged people.

    • Jmals Society X | July 27, 2012 at 9:32 am |


    • I agree, but why would they do that? What are they getting out of it?

  53. Robert Weigel | July 26, 2012 at 4:12 am | Reply

    Yea definitely agree the nose is way different. Both faces look fairly relaxed. Temples are different. Facial hair growth patterns different. Hard to believe he’d change that much in that short amount of time….

  54. It’s the same guy, there is no difference, a change in facial expression, a change in emotion, the second image is clearly that of a boy who has lost control, his mind has gone, he is in a catatonic state of shock, maybe he realised what he has done and fully regrets it, or maybe he fully believes what he has done is right and can’t believe no one else is in support….whatever is going on in his warped mind, its clearly the same person who is disgusting to look at….sick person.

  55. It struck a wrong chord when I saw the two pictures side by side published on another sight earlier. So much so that I looked at his images on the “Images” button to compare. His mugshot looks much like his highschool pic but not at all like his UC from Splash Mag. The eye shape is just not the same. The rest might be explained by distance at which pic was taken, lighting etc, but you just cant change the shape of the eyes. I dont think these are the same people.

  56. you forgot to mention the mole the 2nd pic has and not visible in the first pic, and yes this has all the hallmarks of MKUltra!

  57. I don’t think the lips look the same at all.

    • I noticed the lips myself, but that could probably be explained by the fact that he’s not smiling in the mug shot.

  58. Smarter Than You | July 26, 2012 at 12:16 am | Reply

    He’s got the same mole on the left side of his chin, just below his mouth (our left, his right). Keep a straight face and place one finger tip on each of your nostrils. OK? Now, grin real big…..feel them bad boys STRETCHHHHHHH open, larger and more round! Come on, quit stretching people. If they were gonna pull some shit, they would’ve just used old pics of the actual schmuck being set up.

  59. Looks like the same guy, just a different facial expression, angle, AND most importantly after a possible psychological break.

    Also, as a student, i can attest that the strain of school can change a persons physical appearance.

  60. Dude Manbutt | July 25, 2012 at 11:01 pm | Reply

    Get real. Looks like the same damn guy. Just different scale and different facial expression.

    • Uhhhh, what? They DO NOT look like the same guy. I think this guy has a point. Did you not see how big one nose is and the other is slim? What about the freckle? I don’t know what tuh think.

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