Deadliest Catch Season 8 Comes to a Bitter Bloody End

Deadliest Catch Season 8

Season eight of Deadliest Catch came to a bloody end last night as the two hour special, ‘The Bitter, Bloody End‘ premiered on the Discovery channel. The episode started off rough with the deck master Mike on the Kodiak sliced off the tip of his finger when it was caught between the launcher and the crab pot. Eddie Sr. on the Time bandit smashed his elbow when Josh Harris lost control of the crab table on the deck. The Kodiak narrowly missed another disaster and potential fatality when a crab pot nearly crushed deck hand Crosby, who was grabbed and pulled out of the way by Warren in the nick of time. He got away with a minor calf injury, lucky him, the crab pots weigh around 800 pounds when empty. The crab fleet came out lucky with its list of injuries. A near by fishing vessel suffered a fatality when a cable snapped and struck the man.

Tensions ran high this season as not only did the injury list pile up, but the fleet was forced to fight the ominous ice pack that proved to turn this season in living hell. With the ice growing more dense and thick every day, they struggled to fill their pots in time.

Jake Harris, the younger son of everyone’s favorite captain Phil Harris, quickly fell out of favor on the Northwestern after taking to many naps on company time, being the last on deck and the first on deck, and approaching Captain Sig about taking the helm for a string or two. Needless to say, deck boss Edgar nipped that one in the bud, and put Jake back to work off the deck. The seas were turbulent on the deck of the Ramblin’ Rose as well as Elliott Neese battled domestic issues with his ex, and continued to miss the crab through the season, which put a great amount of distance between he and his disgruntled crew. They lost their respect for Elliot due to his personal issues and poor leadership decisions. Before the end, deck hand Dale quit the Ramblin’ Rose after an argument with the captain. It was hinted that Elliott might not return as a captain next year.

In the second half of the two hour finale however, spirits began to run a little higher as the crews came closer to meeting their quotas. The Wizard, the Seabrooke, and the Northwestern took the leader boards by storm with their record catches. The Time Bandit came out near the bottom of the leader board, with the Ramblin’ Rose dead last.

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The Totals:

1. Wizard 2.9 million lbs of crab
$5.4 million earned
$150,000 per crew member

2. Seabrooke
1.9 million lbs of crab
$3.5 million earned
$81,000 per crew member

3. Northwestern
1.7 million lbs of crab
$1.5 million earned
$80,000 per crew member

4. Time Bandit
870,000 lbs of crab
$1.6 million earned
$80,000 per crab member

5. Ramblin’ Rose
620,000 obs crab
$1.25 million earned
$49,000 per crab member

As the crews complete their offload, everyone of them are happy to have survived what is said to be the worst season in history. Once on shore, Captain Sig presided at his deck hand Jake Anderson’s wedding. Sig proudly proclaimed Jake and his new bride, Jenna, husband and wife. Its a new beginning for Jake, who has come a long way in life since his day’s as a little greenhorn. Fan’s have had the honor to watch this young man turn from a follower to a leader over the seasons.

Sig and Edgar did not share these feelings with Jake Harris however, who seems to have continued downhill. Despite the shoes Little Jake needs to fill, he seems to show no interest or initiative in becoming a captain, or really committing to the life of a crab fisherman at all. So far he’s proving to be a disappointment to the many fans who had his best interests at heart. Will he return next season? We’ll see. To top it off, its been hinted that Josh Harris may not be on the Time Bandit’s crew next season. Will he return with a boat of his own? We have no choice but to wait until next season.

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  1. Josh Harris is on Time bandit not Jake.

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