Mobile Search: Trend Statistics Show it’s on the Rise

Mobile Search Trends

Once the iPhone was introduced in 2007, mobile internet began it’s quest for domination and has not looked back. Many other devices have filed suit in order to remain competitive. As phones became more advanced, people are using them for everything under the sun. From uploading pictures to Facebook and Twitter, to making purchases from clothing stores only available online. Mobile searching has made accessibility something our society can no longer live without.

Still trying to hang in the race for internet dominance, though, is the desktop computer, a grandfather in comparison to the more convenient hand-held. Smartphones are just more accessible when it comes to searching, therefore the desktop is lagging behind. When you’re on the go and need to search something, it is a lot easier to pull out your phone rather than waiting until you get to a computer.

There are various reasons why mobile searches are on the rise. Time of a day is an important factor when it comes to internet searches, whether on a desktop or mobile device. Studies show that most internet searches conducted during the am hours are done on a desktop, while towards the end of the workday and before bedtime hours mobile searches take the lead.

Advertisers are beginning to take advantage of the rise in mobile searching as well. Advertisers with mobile-optomized sites and targeted campaigns, have 11.5% higher clickthrough rates than non-mobile optimized. If you are a smart phone user you know how annoying it can be to search for a site only to find out they don’t have a mobile version, and companies are definitely taking note of such problems.

When it comes down to what people are searching for on their mobile devices, Facebook is king. No surprise there. Facebook is the top searched word in mobile searches. In second place is Google and third place is YouTube. Not only is Facebook the most searched for, there are also nearly 2,500 variations of search queries with the word “Facebook.”

Desktop searching isn’t quite dead yet. So don’t worry faithful desktoppers. However, there is now doubt that mobile searches will continue to increase. Take a look at this infographic presented by Startapp to learn more about current mobile search trends.

A Snapshot of Mobile Search Trends [Infographic]

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