Chad Ochocinco Name Change Back to Johnson

Chad Johnson Name Change

For those football fans that liked Chad Johnson’s 2008 name change to Chad Ochocinco, it is a time of mourning. For those that wished he would change his name back to Johnson, your prayers have been answered! Radio station 93.9 WKYSfm in Silver Spring, Maryland reported that Johnson was at the Broward County courthouse Monday to legally change his name from Chad Ochocinco back to Chad Johnson. He was finalizing the process at 8:45 am and had to pay a fee of $401.

The amount is a small price to pay since he is doing it, in part, to his marriage to Evelyn Lozada. OCNN reported that the pair decided it would be better for Lozada’s last name to be a real name over having one that is a gimmick last name he adopted back in 2008. His Twitter account reflects the name change, which he had done weeks ago not long after his signing with the Miami Dolphins.

This is not the first time Ochocinco has made the news for saying he would change his name back legally to Johnson. Back in 2010, when he was playing against the New York Jets, he said he would legally change his name back to Johnson if cornerback Darrelle Revis would “shut him down.” He was held to zero yards and zero completions by the end of the game, though he had tweaked his knee during pregame warm-ups. Both teams would play again a week later in the playoffs. The end result was having only two catches for a grand total of 28 yards, however, he did not change his name and later said that he was never serious about changing his name and the comments were made in fun. In January of 2011, Johnson appeared on ESPN’s “NFL Live” and made reference to possibly changing his name.

His nickname dates back to 2006, where he gave himself the Ochocinco name in reference to his jersey’s No. 85. He decided he wanted to have it on his jersey, so in 2008, he decided to change his legal surname from Chad Johnson to Chad Ochocinco. Before the name change, he was a six-time Pro-Bowler and averaged nearly 80 receptions for seven seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals. Sadly, his performance dropped dramatically afterwards and roughly averaged 51 receptions the past four seasons. This includes his season in 2011 with the New England Patriots where he had only a career low of 15 receptions.

Chad Ochocinco Changes Name

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad Ochocinco has officially changed his name back to his birth name Chad Johnson. On Monday the eccentric NFL star took legal action to make the change happen. Chad had originally changed his name to Ochocinco on August 8, 2008. Johnson was married earlier this month on July 4, and had first began the legal process to reverse his name back a few days before. The name change cost Johnson $401.

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