Jessica Redfield Escapes Eaton Centre Shooting; dies a month later in Colorado

Eaton Centre Shooting

Anyone who is a horror buff and has read the story about Jessica Redfield’s death has to be thinking of the movie franchise Final Destination. It is one thing for something to happen tragically and then a movie is made about it afterwards; this is a norm. However, when several movies are made following the same tragic premise and then it happens in real life; its’ unthinkable. However a person may describe the events that befell Jessica, the outcome is the same; death. There are many people who do not get a second chance in life. Those that do, usually say that they are grateful and will do their best to make something of their new lease on life. Jessica, however, would not to be able to cheat death a second time.

As I mentioned earlier, what happened to Jessica is something that would probably make a good horror movie. Incredibly, the circumstances surrounding the last month of her life and death are something right from a horror movie; in fact, horror movies. The Final Destination franchise has so far produced five movies. In every movie, the main villain is the same but cannot be touched. That is because the villain is Death itself. The premise is that a horrific scene happens in the movie and many people end up dying; that is, until one person gets a premonition of the deaths. Th6at person ends up saving the lives of several people who listen and then the “death scene” takes place in front of their eyes. The so-called hero has saved these people’s lives and they can now go and take advantage of their second chance in life. Unfortunately, the exact opposite happens. It is discovered throughout the movie that you cannot escape the grand scheme of Death’s plan but now each character’s death is more horrific than what was initially planned. Ironically, Jessica escaped one shooting only to be killed in a senseless one a month later.

Redfield mentioned in her blog about a month ago the experience she had at the Eaton Centre mall in Toronto. She escaped the shooting there and in her blog, she wrote, “I can’t get this odd feeling out of my chest. This empty, almost sickening feeling won’t go away. … It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around how a weird feeling saved me from being in the middle of a deadly shooting.” In that shooting, only one person was killed because she left the food court at the right time. A month later, she ended up being killed in a shooting that was more violent than the one she escaped. In an article in USA TODAY, writer Nicole Auerbach shows how Jessica cared about being a journalist and how she realized after the Toronto shooting how precious and fragile life is; a lesson everyone should learn before it is too late.

Theater Shooting Victim Narrowly Avoided Toronto Shooting

Jessica Ghawi was in a Toronto food court minutes before a deadly shooting last month. She was killed in a theatre shooting on Friday morning.

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