Dr. Drew Show Tells Men How To Love Their Wives

How to love your wife

“We (men) are dolts when it comes to (knowing) how to (show) that we love our partners,” HLN’s host of the “Dr. Drew Show,” Dr. Drew Pinski said to a worried woman caller. She had caught her husband reading text messages. “I applaud your husband for setting up text messages to be sent to himself about how to show he loves you.”

The caller could have taken his clues from his friends, books, the internet, or Dr. Drew’s show the next night, on Sex and Relationship Wednesday. His co-host Simone Bienne, on the long running radio show “Loveline” suggested that a coalminer, who said his wife of nine years was unresponsive, “make her feel as safe and adored as possible. Put on an apron and do the dishes.” “Show your nurturing side,” Pinski said. She already knows you’re hardworking.

Everything changes when you and your wife have a child. She’s overwhelmed.
One of the internet sites the husband could have been using is on The Hubpages by “Blessed Mommy..” “By just taking a few moments of each day to fulfill the needs of your marriage, you and your wife can feel like newlyweds for life!”

Some of them are obvious, like the first, “Leave candy for her to find – And I’m not talking about 3 Musketeers, unless that’s her favorite. Buy a pretty box of chocolates. Leave them in her car or some other place that she’s sure to find them. Tuck a little ‘I love you’ note inside to increase the effect.”

Less obvious is 2. Don’t tease her for primping! She wants to look nice for you. Let her know that she looks beautiful when she fixes herself up for you, and don’t keep saying how long she’s taking. After all, she’s doing this for you.

The third is to kiss her for at least 6 seconds when you part in the morning. Don’t give her a peck on the cheek. “Give her a kiss that will stay with her all day.” It’s a much more meaningful kiss.

Wives also need to be appreciated, writes Elizabeth Nuttall on Helium.com. Her emphasis is on two words, “Thank you.” Whether it’s making you a cup of tea, matching your socks, or giving you a lift, “Thank you” lets her know that she was noticed. If you forgot because the day was ahead of you, say it or text it or phone her when you remember what she did.

“Another way to show appreciation is to be supportive in what she does. If there are things that she always does at home, offer to do them once in a while to give her break. This will show her that you really do appreciate all the effort she puts into her relationship.”

Browsing the web, talking to friends and family, setting up reminders for yourself, or even watching television may lead to what Dr. Drew praised the unknown husband or partner for, a happier relationship.

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