Bulgarian Bomb Set By Hezbollah For Iran Says Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

Bulgarian Bomb Hezbollah

It has been reported that a bombing of a bus in Bulgaria on Wednesday was probably committed by a male suicide attacker. Those that were killed in the explosion were five Israeli tourists, the bus driver and the bomber. Israel feels that this attack was carried out by either an Islamist militant group or Iran itself. The attack has increased tensions between Tehran and Israel which has been building up over recent months. While Israel’s prime minister publically denounced Hezbollah for the bombing, no evidence was offered to prove they were responsible. If no evidence exists linking Iran to the bombing, then the question being asked is did Hezbollah actually perpetrate the bombing?

While the investigation continues, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has publically accused Iran of the attack. The alleged bomber seems to have been carried out by a male suicide attacker that had in his possession a fake Michigan driver’s license. The prime minister also said that Iran and Hezbollah have been trying to engage in acts of terrorism in countries such as India, Kenya and Cyprus. Even in the United States an act of terrorism was committed when an Iranian attempted to assassinate the Saudi diplomat. Netanyahu’s message was for the world powers to expose Iran as “the premier terrorist-supporting state that it is” and stop them from developing “the world’s most dangerous weapons,” a clear reference to Iran’s nuclear program. However, the message coming out of Iran was one that accused Israel of committing its’ own acts of terrorism.

Ramin Mehmanparast, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, accused Israel of trying to sway attention from their own terrorist activities by saying Iran was responsible for the bombing. He said Israel was engaging in “baseless accusations against other countries in order to distract the attention of the international community from its terrorist activities being carried out throughout the world.” Also, that “the Zionist regime as master of state and organized terrorism has its hands in (the) blood of innocent Lebanese, Palestinian and other nationalities.” Furthermore, the Iranian Embassy in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, made it clear that suggestions by Israel of Tehran’s involvement in the bombing were “unsubstantiated” and that the assertion was politically motivated. While both sides blame each other for playing political games, there is no winner as seven people remain dead as a result of the bombing.

The investigation is continuing as fingerprints were being checked and other evidence collected at the scene. While Israel is certain Iran is responsible for the bombing, the Iranian Embassy says Iran condemns all terrorism and considers Bulgaria their friends. Tensions continue to rise between Israel and Tehran while investigators hope to find evidence that will shine light on the responsible party. However, until such evidence is discovered, is it fair for Israel to accuse Iran for the bombing? Is it possible that someone else is responsible for the bus bombing in Bulgaria? What do you think?

Sources confirm Hezbollah behind Bulgaria bombing of Jewish tourists

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a televised statement, accusing Iran of backing Hezbollah militants he said carried out Wednesday’s deadly bombing of Jewish tourists in Bulgaria.

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