Extreme Couponing Tips And Tricks [Infographic]

Couponing Tips

It’s evident that times are tough. With the unpredictable job market and the economy being as inconsistent as it is, Americans have made it their mission to be as creative as possible to remain on their feet. For some families, these times might mean struggling to keep food on the table. Even for those not in such a quandary, finding cost saving solutions is still imperative.

The history of couponing began with Coca-Cola using coupons to make free glasses of Coke available to the public in order to market the soda when it was new. With this success, organizations began to jump on the couponing bandwagon, trying to effectively sell their product by discount in order to acquire loyalty to their innovative products.

Thanks to the TLC show ‘Extreme Couponing,’ which launched in 2010, utilizing coupons has made a breakthrough into mainstream popularity again. Take for instance one of the first women featured in the series, J’aime, who racked up a total grocery bill of $1,902.63, but only ended up paying out of pocket a total of $103.72. Now that’s a hobby anyone can appreciate.

For some of you rookies, you need a good place to start. A lot of coupon experts would suggest getting organized by using baseball cardholders or sheet protectors in a binder to systematize your coupons. They would also say that it’s important to diversify your coupon sources. Yes, you’re typical Sunday morning newspaper has a good batch of coupons to choose from, but try making use of online coupon sites or even Facebook offers. Also, in the top three of advice: learn the lingo! “OOP” does not mean you made a mistake and “PSA” is not a Public Service Announcement. This is crucial when trying to get the best deals possible, while also staying credible.

Yes, there are still some burning questions. When will you have a chance to clip every coupon? Where are you going to store all of your items? Why would you need so much mustard? The important thing is to buy what you need, donate what you don’t, and value the coupons that Americans are wasting everyday.

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