Dez Bryant Arrested, Is NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Discipline Enough for Off Field Issues?

Dez Bryant Arrested

When the football season ends, I anxiously watch the calendar and start counting the days until the new season begins. Many fans that I have spoken to feel the same and try to find ways to occupy their time until the season begin anew. I can only imagine what the players themselves go through to occupy their time until they are to report to training camp. Many seem to find ways to pass the time away that are in a positive manner; others are not so fortunate. These are the players who you read and hear about in the news that have run-ins with the law for a variety of reasons. DUI, DWI, reckless driving, fighting in a club are just some of the examples of how a number of football athletes are having trouble passing the time away in a positive way.Dez Bryant Mother

One of the latest to make the news is Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant, who was arrested Monday for allegedly assaulting his mother on Saturday, according to police captain Ron Smith from DeSoto, Texas. Has this incident painted the receiver falsely as being a monster or is this another example of football players running amok?

According to his mother, Angela, a call was made to 911 reporting the assault committed by her own son, Dez. Initially, Smith said the incident involved Dez slapping his mother; however, the police report released yesterday stated that Bryant supposedly grabbed his mother by her T-shirt and hair as well as “hitting her across the face with his ball cap.” Angela, her T-shirt and bra torn as a result of the alleged incident, stated in the 911 call that she had been assaulted by her son more than once. Though this incident is still being investigated, this case becomes another example of a football player acting undisciplined.

Is Dez Bryant Worth The Trouble?

Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss Dez Bryant’s most recent off-field issue and if he is worth the trouble.

There have been many reports, over the years, of athletes making the wrong decisions that resulted in being arrested. Some say it is a growing up process and the cases usually involve rookie players trying to adjust to their new life in the NFL while others feel it is about players adjusting to life in general. Though the NFL has its’ own way of disciplining their own, the public is still exposed to these athletes who behave in an undisciplined manner.

Another example is Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, who was seen weaving on Interstate 880 in Oakland, California this past Saturday. He was stopped by police but not before nearly having two collisions with two other vehicles. Showing signs of intoxication, he was arrested and is being charged with DUI (Driving Under the Influence). If police hadn’t stopped him in time or had the incident occurred earlier in the evening, chances are Lynch would have gotten into an accident and someone would have been hurt; possibly killed.

If you were to do a search on your own, you would come up with a number of examples of football players having run-ins with the law. Some of these incidents happen during the season but a larger amount tends to occur after the season is over. Is it the fault of the players or has Roger Goodell failed to provide enough discipline to make sure they “behave” both on and off the field.NFL Discipline

Being a former middle school teacher, I know what happens in the classroom if you do not maintain proper discipline in your classroom. Students tend to break rules and do what they want if they feel, they know they can get away with doing anything they want to. Are football athletes destined to run amok where they will eventually have run-ins with the law?

I will leave you with the following to help make your decision. On ESPN’s First Take sports show, the analysts discuss if Roger Goodell providing enough discipline or too much towards the players. In it, one of the analysts, Skip Bayless, says that no matter who is in charge, there will always be an issue because, “the NFL is still our modern day gladiator sport.” He feels that, being a violent sport, players will need to have a gladiator mentality to succeed. He then talks about how in ancient Rome they would lock up the gladiators for the week. They would provide them with their women, wine and song to make them happy until Sunday, and then release them to fight to the death. Though they may die, gladiators were kept happy during the week but always kept them behind bars. His point being that to play at the level and be successful in the NFL, there will always be players who will run afoul with the law. Does this mean those who are successful will have altercations with the law? That players will ultimately not be able to keep the “Roman mentality” on the field and apply it to their everyday lives? What do you think?

Has Roger Goodell Provided Enough Discipline?

Rob Parker, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss Roger Goodell’s efforts to curb the off-field issues in the NFL.

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