London Olympics 2012 Security Concerns

London Olympics 2012 Security Concerns

When an sporting event only occurs every four years, the hosting location has to gear up years in advance to ensure a problem free, successful event that will keep athletes, and fans happy. With the Olympics just under two weeks away athletes are ready to head to London, some have already arrived and are getting settled in for the 17 days of endless Olympic events. The thousands of athletes that will participant in the Olympics may be set and ready for the games to begin, however London as a whole may not be.  In the past few weeks London has encountered the various problems they did not want to happen leading up to the Olympics.

For starters a place called “The Olympic Park” which will be a lodging area for majority of the athletes is still in the process of being constructed. Now grant it the park is close to being finished, but according to London officials they are about two weeks behind schedule for the park, and other venues as well.

“We were told the Olympic Park won’t open until the 23rd, it kind of a surprise because we had been told for months now that the park was on time and ready, and it isn’t.” an unnamed athlete said in a statement to the The Sunday Telegraph.

“There’s a lot of sex going on in the Olympic Village, USA goalkeeper Hope Solo, and USA swimmer Ryan Lochte said in a statement.

The Olympic Park will host popular events such as swimming and Track and Field. The late finishing of the Olympic park is just one of several problems hovering over London as of late. The country is also dealing with major traffic delays to newly developed roads that were designed to make traveling faster and easier. Just a day after the new Olympic lanes were opened there was actually a 30-mile traffic backup, and it appears the traffic backup may get worse when the Olympics start.

Another issue surrounding London is their  security as concerns grow larger after a airport debacle. Employees at London’s Heathrow Airport were reported of letting several people through the airport that were on the terror watch list. The mistake may be a result of the airport hiring temporary employees to add onto the staff to help during the Olympics according to Yahoo.

While this issue will be handle quickly and easy, London’s Organizing Committee may be running thin on military personnel, as close to 3,500 soldiers have been drafted in less than a month. The main reason the vase amount of soldiers were drafted actually comes as an mistake made by G4S a private security committee when they underestimated how many soldiers they needed. As a result military men and women from Germany will be in London to assist in security, there will be around 10,000 guards helping out for the games according to Deccan Herald.

“These people will expect to be involved in security, not menial tasks.” An unnamed person in the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

With the Olympics starting on July 26 lets hope everything will go smoothly.

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