Tuscaloosa, Alabama Shooting at Copper Top Bar Leaves 17 Injured, Shooter in Custody

Alabama Shooting

A gunman who shot fire in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama Copper Top Bar on Tuesday and injured several people has turned himself into authorities.

The Alabama shooter stood outside of the Copper Top bar, which is a place popular for college student to hang out. Around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday the shooter targeted someone inside before firing through a window, police said. The people inside started to run or crawled away, and the gunman opened fire again with a military-style assault weapon.

Rachel Studdard was sitting on the patio with a group of friends, when the bar shooting started. She said, “We heard firecracker sounds. All of a sudden somebody was like, `Is that gunfire?’ They shot in one area and then they started shooting directly where we were.”

Riley Dunn, a University of Alabama senior who was injured in the shooting, told The Tuscaloosa News that 80 to 90 people were in the Copper Top bar at the time. “We were all just shooting pool and hanging out,” Dunn said. “It was kind of loud from the music, but we heard the gunshot, and no one really knew what to think. The first gunshot took place, then about 20 seconds later, that’s when he really started firing them off. After that, everyone really scattered.”

The police chief in Tuscaloosa said 11 people were hit by a gunshot and 17 people were taken to the hospital. Most of the injured were hit by bullet fragments or debris, said Brad Fisher, a spokesman at DCH Regional Medical Center. DCH hospital briefly went on lockdown after the incident in order to handle the sudden influx of gunshot patients.

Two people are in intensive care, one in critical condition and the other in serious condition, Fisher said. Three people were in fair condition and the others were treated and then released.

The Tuscaloosa Police Department posted surveillance video of the suspected Alabama shooter on their Facebook and Twitter pages and asked the public for help in finding the man. Police Chief Steve Anderson described the shooter. as a stocky white male who is between 5-foot-7 and 5-foot-9.

Later, the shooter went into a business about 45 miles north of the shooting in Tuscaloosa and told employees he was the suspect, Police Chief Steve Anderson said.

“He walked in and he made eye contact and he said, ‘Yep that’s me. I’m the one that shot the people in Tuscaloosa by the university,'” said Ken, the employee at the FedEx store in Jasper who the shooter turned himself into.

Tuscaloosa is about 60 miles southwest of Birmingham and home to the University of Alabama. The Copper Top is about a mile from campus.

Authorities are investigating whether the Alabama shooting at the Copper Top Bar is related to a separate shooting at the Indian Lakes Subdivision in Northport, Alabama, about 45 minutes earlier.  “Right now we are exploring that possibility,” Anderson said. “We have not made a solid connection to that shooting.”

Tuscaloosa Shooting

A gunman opened fire at a bar in Tuscaloosa, the hometown of the University of Alabama, wounding multiple people, police said Tuesday.

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